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frankschick2001 - June 28

OK, my nausea that plagued me for the last two months is on its way out, but now I seem to be plagued with headaches, and they are pretty bad too. Tylenol sometimes doesn't work. Any suggestions?


Linda99 - June 28

Hey Frankschick - try taking the Tylenol with a gla__s of coke. I read it on another site and it has worked for me. I had terrible migraines and headaches between weeks 8 and 18 and when the tylenol alone wouldn't do it adding the coke to the mix helped! Good luck and hang in there. I'm still having headaches at week 22 but they are much less severe.


amandasue - June 28

Frankschick--Sounds like you and me are exactly the same. I'm 21 weeks now, but right after my two months of feeling really c___ppy and vomiting, the headaches started in. I'm just now getting to the point where I only take tylenol maybe 3 times a week. However, I was taking 2 in the morning, and two every night, with the okay of my doctor because they were that bad, and that frequent. I too found that taking the tylenol with some caffeinated soda worked. If not, I always laid down and had quiet time till it was over, which I know isn't always an option.


frankschick2001 - June 28

Thanks, i will try anyting at this point. I can't wait to just feel 100% good again!


tryingx3 - June 28

Nothing ever seemed to fix mine and then one day they just stopped! Hope that day is soon for all of you guys...it is MISERABLE.


mommymu - June 28

My doctor told me to try a little caffine like tea or coffee. If that didn't work he said Excedrine tension headache is okay because it does not contain asprin, but it has caffine to help. I take one when I get really bad headaches and I feel great. The headaches are from hormone increase and caffine withdrawl.


NVgirl - June 28

Frankschick: Drink more water. I have had bad headaches too. They say sometimes the more blood in your system while in your 2nd trimester will cause my headaches.... also I suffer from Migranes and my OBGYN said she can perscribe Vicadin (sp) if I have one... I opted not to go in that direction but wanted to let you know any how.


NURSEJ - July 11

oh my god! i thought i was the only one everyday i have these horrible headaces. i use tylenol b/c that is what the dr. recommends since i am pregnant, but it really just started getting bad latley i am 12 weeks and 3 days.


aggie03 - July 11

I am trying to lay off the caffine since pg. but it is the ONLY thing that gets rid of the killer headache. Arggh! I feel bad bc I HATE feeling like I need something. Its almost as bad as quitting smoking...prepregnancy :) I bought the little 8oz cokes they sell now. They help a lot. other than that I drink about a gallon of water a day so thats not it.



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