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Katie - November 21

Does anyone get horrible headaches right when they wake up or walk up stairs? It's always behind my left eye. I get them bad and when I walk up stairs Its like I feel my heartbeat in my head cause it's pounding so hard? Is this normal?


Tess - November 21

I get some headaches on n off.......depending on what temp. we have at home.....if its too hot then I tend to get more headaches than before.......or sometimes once Ive over-worked myself for instance doin laundry, walkin up stairs and then doin dishes.....for sure I'll get a headache later....I try to sleep it off...it works alot.


Katie - November 21

To Tess Thanks for your advice! I sleep it off to it does help.


AMY - November 21



DC - November 21

My physician gave me some great advice about hormone headaches. Take 2 Tylenol while slugging a coke. It works!! I have gotten a handful of headaches and I have tried this and it has worked!!!


Andrea - November 23

Yes it was normal my Doctor said its just hormones. It goes away at least mine did but its safe to take tylenol extra strength but only one tablet at a time it will work. Good luck Due April 10th. 20 wks.


to Katie - November 24

I was getting headaches every other day for awhile there. Figured out that --besides pregnancy hormones-- I was sleeping all weird & waking up with a stiff neck... didn't even realize it!, and/or had an erratic sleep schedule. It's a lot harder to sleep these days, for obvious reasons. Plus, maybe I wasn't drinking enough water. Hope this post helps.


Shannon - November 24

Is it ok to take Tylenol 1's with codine? They are just regular tylenol but have codine in them. I dont have a regular doctor, so no one to call and ask. I just have set appointments at a hospital.


Drew - November 24

I have been having these headaches too, and also realised that in addition to the hormone shifts and stuff, I was also sleeping odd. Today my ob told me that taking 2 extra strength Tylenol is just fine. In fact, he said you could take 2 every 4 hours for your whole pregnancy and it would be fine, although he wouldn't reccommend doing it. The coke thing works wonders!!


. - November 25

gosh, coke isn't anything compared to water... in fact, the carbonation & caffeine will dehydrate a person, leading to more of a headache. And as often as some preg women get headaches, taking a headache med everytime isn't good. Personally, I just deal with it, drink water, take a nap, rub my tense muslces, relax.



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