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Jodie - May 17

Hey, I am 13 weeks and I just started having these horrible headaches. Has anyone else experiencing this, and what really works to get rid of them??? Thanks


Lily - May 17

Jodie, I'm 15 weeks, and I get those same headaches...For me it almost feels like a tension headache that just won't go away. I tried taking Tylenol for them, but that wouldn't work. I suggest talking to your doctor. I did, and they gave me a prescription for a pain reliever that works like a dream. I take it at the first signs of a headache and it's gone within a half hour. I also started wearing a hat outside to shield my eyes from the sun or wear sungla__ses. I drink a lot more water. And I limit how much TV and computer time I have in one sitting. That way I avoid any possible triggers for my headaches...Good Luck!


Jodie - May 17

Thanks!! Mine are the same, it's like a whole head throb that makes me want to shut my eyes...eeekkk!!! I will have to give my doc a call!!


Jbear - May 18

My doctor said headaches usually stop by the 20th week. (not true for me) I have migraines and they are bad enough that I see spots and get nauseated every time I move my head. They usually last for three days. My doctor has given me two different prescriptions for the migraines, and both work, but they make me really groggy. For headaches that aren't as bad, I take tylenol and half of a caffeine pill, and put an ice pack over the area with the worst pain.


Eire - May 18

It might not always be possible but if you can, go for a lie down.. I usually found my headaches were from being tired and running around on empty - if I stopped and had a rest for an hour or so, they cleared up.. I'm 20 weeks today, (woo hoo!), and have just started taking iron tablets - they seem to be helping with the tiredness which in turn is helping with the headaches... maybe you're low on iron?


Heidi - May 18

Jodie - I had the exact same problem at about 13 wks. I started getting bad headaches all the time and Tylenol did nothing!!! Nothing seemed to help me either. They were 24 hour headaches too. It got to the point where I just knew I'd have it till the next day and would just rough it out. I'd get these headaches almost every other day. It realllllyyyyyy sucked. I know what you're going through. My doc told me at 17 wks they'll lighten up and now the last two weeks I've only gotten a headache a couple times and they didn't last long and the Tylenol started working. Just make sure you take Tylenol when you start feeling them come on. Nothing else helped either. Sleeping, relaxing, nothing. I just had to tough them out. I haven't had one in four days so I'm doing good. They're becoming less frequent now and I almost forgot how bad I had it for 3-4 weeks. Some women they may last longer though. I got lucky. I felt mine in my eyes a lot. They sucked.


Desiree - May 18

Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gel Pills work awesome... i'm not kidding and they are okay to take because they are tylenol.... try them.. they work!


Carol - May 18

I am also having terrible headaches. They started around week twelve. I normally suffer from migranes and this has been just terrible. Tylenol does nothing. My DR gave me darvoset, but the one time that I took that it made my headache worse. I got a bad one Monday afternoon and still had it Tuesday when I woke up. They make me soooo nauseous and give me diaharea (sorry if TMI). My headache finally went away around 1:00 yesterday. It was strange. I went to lunch and didn't think that I could eat anything (I am a teacher), but they had spaghetti and that is one of my favorites. So I got some and about 20 minutes later I started to feel much better. I don't know if it was the spaghetti or not (maybe it was the tea that I drank), but I was sure glad for whatever it was. I am just glad that we are out of school next Wednesday so if I feel bad, I can stay in bed all day. My pharmacist once told me that they sometimes prescribe blood pressure medication for people with migraines. I am going to ask my DR about this when I go to my appointment next week. I hope that if I can take something, it will help. I feel for you all- these headaches are terrible and what a joke it is when they tell you to lie in a dark room with an ice pack on your head. That is almost like telling someone to put a bandaid on a stab wound!! AHHHH


Lily - May 18

Jbear, you say they should disappear after week 20?! Oh I hope they do for me! I'm not usually a headache person and these are like migranes to me. A tension headache that just won't go away, even sunlight bothers me...And the prescription! Oh my goodness...These pills are tablet form and chalky, very hard to swallow! Good Luck finding relief with your migranes!


Jaime - May 18

I got those headaches as well during the first few weeks of pregnacy i never took anything i always just slept them off..lol i would check with your doctor im sure they will tell you what you can take


Jodie - May 19

So I tried those tylenol extra strength rapid release deals, worked like a charm. It took about 30 minutes but then they were completely gone...HURRAYY!!!! Thanks Desiree!


Carol - May 19

Okay, going on day number three of headche....I get so worried about always taking something, but if I don't at least mute the pain a little I can barely function. I am going to try the rapid release gels...hope they do the trick. I tried the darvoset again last night. No luck and it really only intensified the pain.


Jbear - May 20

To Carol...ask your doctor about Fioricet. It's tylenol, caffeine and a barbituate. I tried that before the darvocet, and it took care of the headache, but I didn't like how out of it I felt (I'm home alone overnight with my toddler, and I don't think I would have woken up if she needed me). About blood pressure medicine for headaches, I just started Aldomet today for my blood pressure, and I've had a bad headache since about an hour after I took the first pill. I think it's the only blood pressure medicine they'll prescribe during pregnancy, and it's making me feel like I'm made out of jello.



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