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mgn - October 23

so i had some serious morning sickness up until about 10 weeks. still feel green now and again, but not bad. now i am getting piercing, throbbing headaches. everyday this happens. started about 11 weeks and i am now almost 14 weeks. anyone have this? any suggestions for the pain? i take tylenol but it sometimes doesnt work. sleep helps but i always wake up with more headaches.....any advice? thanks god bless.


jennifer_33106 - October 23

You could try laying down with the lights off with a cold washcloth to the forehead. I get headaches too and sometimes tylenol dosent cut it. I am 22 weeks and still get them. I know that make sure you are getting adequate sleep and that you are eating enough cuz a lack on both could cause you to get headaches. I usually though take a tylenol turn off the lights and demand silence. haha Also try talking to your doctor and see what s/he suggests. My doc only Ok'd tylenol for me but it never hurts to ask. Also try to determine what is causing the headaches. Sometimes of course there is no obvious cause bt if its stress try other stress relievingmethods as well. GL and I hope you can get a handle on them!!!


Happymommy - October 23

You should also make sure that you are drinking plenty of water--sometimes not getting enough can cause bad headaches.


Daynae79 - October 24

I got really bad headaches too up untill 15 weeks or so and then they subsided. Unfortunatly there wasnt much i could do except take tylonol. Dont worry, they shoud ease up soon.


Gemini_Girl - October 24

Hi I sufferfrom them too, there not much that helps really once they have started, you can also take tylenol/paracetamol with added codeine, my doc said that was ok every now and then (dunno how often that is though) but it really takes the pain away! Ive found drinking loads of water really helps at least 2litres a day, unfortunately it means peeing alot! Goodluck with it, hope you feel better soon :)


peeplee - October 27

I started with awful headaches right off....I tried the tylenol, didn't work. So one of my doctors told me right when I felt a headache coming on take 2 tylenol (extra strength) and drink a caffinated beverage. But for me, I always had a headache so it never helped. My other doctor prescribed me Fioricet.....the wonders of relief!!! It works great. I am 17 weeks and still take them. I also take one at night b/c it helps me sleep and I don't wake up with a headache. It does not have any harmful affects to the baby.


Nervousmommy2b - October 27

I have the same problem. I started getting them at about 10 weeks. I am now 16 weeks. Tylenol, caffiene, sleep, heat, NOTHING works. My Dr tells me that its a side effect of the Zofran I take for morning sickness. But I still get them even when I don't take it. I guess the only solution for us ladies, just might be prescription meds from the dr. I guess they just come along with being pregnant. Good luck, and I hope you feel better! I know its no fun.


mgn - October 28

thanks all for suggestions/advice. I am 14 weeks today and have been having them still but not EVERYDAY, just every other. lol The other day I FORCED myself to go to the gym and started doing some cardio. My head was pounding at first but after about 20 minutes working out it felt better. I even felt good enought to lift some weights. Perhaps exercise is a good relief mechanism for you all having them. Plus, it is multi tasking b/c it is good for you and baby! Praticing mult_tasking now is good b/c we all will be pros at it soon! thanks agn



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