Headaches Ouch Anyone

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First Mum - July 25

im currently in my 15th week and hav been experiencing headaches.. heavy ones sometimes... esp bad when late afternnon aft staring at my pc for long hours and when out in the sun... anyone having this???


Tiff - July 25

I get head aches all the time mostly in the afternoon, i put it down to the fact i do not drink enough water...is it possible you also don't drink enough water? However now you mention it i get them after looking at the computer for too long ! i wonder if we need our eyes tested!


ambertane - July 25

hey i am also 15 weeks i have been getting a few bad headaches, i drink 4 gla__ses a water a day so i dont think its that u dont have enuff water.


Amanda - July 26

I am also 15 nearly 16 weeks and getting bad headaches I am drinking about 2plus litres water. Headaches mainly start mid morning and that bad I feel sick... would love to know if this is normal and has anyone got a home remedy


First Mum - July 26

water? i drink pretty much of water a day... and i eat my fruits...so dun think its tat too... guess reali gota take mini breaks from the pc once a while and c if it helps. it reali does get abit irritating at times, esp when u have a beautiful weekend to spend n the headache kills it all.. :(


dani - July 26

Yes, I've been getting really bad headaches and I drink a lot of water, so I know water has nothing to do with this. Ecspecially when I'm out in the heat my headaches kick in...hormones...


Nikki - July 26

Sounds like alot of you are in the begining of the Second Trimester well I had bad headaches too in the begining of the Second Trimester and the seemed to go away around 21 weeks....so maybe there is hope in sight...doesn't mean they won't come back but I had them like everyday....doc said they would go away....alot of it is your hormones are starting to level out some and that is the cause for the headaches...the hormones aren't has high as they were in the First Trimester...good luck ladies.....


Amanda - July 26

I have the worst headache right now I have already broken down and taken tylenol but I just want to go home and cry my head hurts so bad !!!!!! Its right behind my eyes and its really hurting AHHHH


Amanda O - July 26

I am 15 weeks to and I got a migraine on Saturday after being in the sun all day. It is still lingering.....it seems like there are many of us in this boat, which is comforting, but doesn't make it hurt less! I saw my doctor today and she said that Tylenol is really fine. I had been hesitant to take any, but I had to with this long lasting headache. Here's to cooler days and waning headaches!


h - July 26

i am 23 weeks and had terrible headaches when i started my 2nd trimester. They lasted from my 13th week until about the 20week. When i asked my dr. about them she said it's pretty common in the second trimester but they usually go away before the 3rd. She was right. she told me it could be dehydration but also it has a lot to do with the hormone levels in your body. There isn't anything you can do about that. Stick with it ladies. I think they will subside.


mandy - July 28

I get the most absolutely awful headaches you could possibly imagine, and it started in about my 12th week. I am almost 15 weeks now with baby #1. It doesn't matter what I eat, drink, or do all day. I still get that jack hammer in my head by evening. The only relief i have found is an ice pack wrapped in a towel and placed at the base of my skull for a few minutes. I am prone to migraines and these headaches are far worse than any migraine I have ever had.


shelbi - July 28

i get the same thing.. and i work in the computer industry so it's even worse! i also find that it's worse when i take my prenatals in the morning, so lately, i've been taking them at night, right before i go to bed. i've never gotten headaches in my life, not even with my first pregnancy, so this is an unexpected, and unwelcome, surprise! LOL


Tammee - July 29

I have horrible headaches in my first trimester, ones where I needed to lay down and be in a dark room. I found something that really worked for me, they are Migraine cooling headache pads, made by WellPatch. I talked to my Doctor and he said it was fine to use them, but you might want to ask your Doctor first. They really help....along with rest and a dark room!



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