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Erin333 - May 9

Does anyone know at what week your baby can start to hear noises outside the womb? I'm a little over 23 weeks and I swear that everytime I put on the stereo my baby starts kicking like crazy. Am I nuts?


iakram - May 9

hi erin, i was reading that the baby's hearing sense kicks in at about 27-28 weeks - but the voices are still muffled. you have a dancing baby !! mine goes silent when i turn on the music lol :)


Erynn21 - May 9

I actually just read @ 23wks. the baby can hear loud noises, and can recognize familiar voices like your own and ppl you're around often. If you're cranking up the stereo the baby would hear it, although it is muffled. I went out with my friends on Cinco de Mayo and my little girl was kicking up a storm, she was liking the music.


Jen - May 9

In one of my pregnancy books it says that as soon as the fifth month the baby's ears are developed and can recognize voices and hear sounds. I also read that if your baby dances when music is on then it is a girl, but this is not completely true because my baby dances and I am having a boy!


Erin333 - May 9

Well, when I first notice the baby is kicking the music in my car is at a regular volume. But, after thinking the baby likes the song I turn it up loud and sure enough get a dance performance in my belly. My last baby used to kick me like crazy anytime I went to one of her daddys performances at a club. I just dont remember when she started doing it. I kinda feel like either my baby can definetely hear the music already or its just completely ironic that she kicks like crazy EVERYTIME music is on. Her daddy's a drummer and music runs in her genes so I'm gonna go with the first a__sumption. Thanks ladies.


Micky - May 9

The baby can hear from 17 to 18 weeks...It can hear the mothers voice..


Evonna - May 9

Your baby doesn't start hearing clearly outside the womb until 22 weeks.


Mandy1984 - May 9

I just got an email today from emmasdiary.co.uk about the progress of my pregnancy, It says the baby can now hear loud noises outside the womb, check out the website, It is a UK pregnancy forum



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