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Dana - July 15

Can you tell the s_x of the baby by the hear beat?


Maureen - May 21

My cousin told me last week that there are two different sounds in the Fetus's heart, a swooshing sound and a clicking sound. She thinks that one is a boy's heart beat and the other a girl's heart beat, but I'm not sure if that's an "Old Wives Tale". I guess it's best to ask the Dr., Right??


Hilary - June 8

I definetly think it's an Old Wives Tale. Seriously think about it, how can you tell the "S_x" by a "heartbeat" Everyone's heartbeat I'm sure has a unique sound! The doc told my mother when she was pregnant that the heartbeat sound like boy and she had 2 girls so..... Why bother worrying anyway, you'll find out when you get the ultrasound! The technology today is great!


dena - June 23

I went for my first ultrasound after I found out I was pregnant. When I went in for the ultrasound the doctor told me the baby was six weeks and the sack measured 8 weeks. There supposedly was no heartbeat with the v____al ultrasound. The doctor suggested to terminate the pregnancy with a d and c since there is no heart beat. I have no complications, ie, no bleeding no abdominal pain no cramping. One week after the ultrasound I still tested positive for pregnancy on a home pregnancy test. How do I know if the baby has really pa__sed away? Tommorrow is my second ultrasound and after that I have to decide the date for the d and c. I feel my baby is still alive. What should I do?


Preggo_Nurse - July 8

You can still have a positive HCG level even if you have miscarried. You spike a level when you first get pregnant and it goes up from there. You will still test positive for a while due to the fact that your HCG level will fall. They need to do blood work on you and compare the HCG level along with your u/s. Hope this helps!!


jasmine - July 15

when do I get to here the baby heart beat? If I am 6 1/2 week will i be hearing the heart beat with a monitor ?


martha - March 3

how early can you hear a fetus heart beat


* - March 3

your doctor or obstetrician will be able to check for the babys heartbeat around the 12th week


Paramjeet - March 3

I have heard a lot of people saying that oftenly a baby boy's heartbeat is faster than baby girl so we can say after looking at the heartbeat whether it is a baby boy or girl.


Mack - March 3

Using an internal ultrasound, my OB was able to pick up the heartbeat at 6 weeks 3 days although his equipment is very new and he is very experienced. It really does depend on the equipment and the expertise of the pract_tioner. The heartbeat suggesting it's a girl or a boy is codswallop. I asked my OB about it and he laughed and said 'Ok, let's see what it is now'. It turned out to be 140. He then said 'Jump up and down for a minute'. So I did and then, when he did another measurement, it was 157. My OB looked at me and said 'Ok, do you think the s_x changed from a minute ago to now?' Having said that, if you check at the same time in the same circ_mstances and the heartbeat is consistently around a certain number, this is potentially more accurate. Lower heart rates for a boy, higher for a girl. Mine is constantly around 135-145 which, if you believe the wives tale, means I'm having a boy. I find out next Wednesday and will let you all know!


asheley - March 4

i really don't know,but i would say yes


:) - March 4



MICHELLE - March 5



kathy - March 7

Those of us who don't get early ultrasounds have to wait longer or a beat. I heard this one at just 9 weeks, but with my son It was 12 weeks. If you're smaller you're more apt to hear it earlier. My friends and I all had boys, theirs with high rates, my with low. The baby's rate usually drops throughout pregnancy as it grows, but the gender remains the same. BTW, how you carry also is not a sign of gender. I have a girl and a boy, and carried both the same. My sister has 3 girls, and carried differently each time. It has to do this your build and where the baby attaches.


Monica - March 8

Im 16 weeks pregnant, and I feel the baby moving already...Has anyone else felt the baby move that early?..feels sort of like a pain to me, but I dont know what it is....And also Ive heard the babys heartbeat at 14 weeks, and it was 140, and thats how my brothers was when my mother was pregnant with him...and, us girls were high...up in the 180's...But, I think everyone is different


Jamie Enoch - March 17

I am 14 weeks pregnant with my third chid. I have both boys so far. Their heartbeat was always in the 170,s and 180's so i don't believe it. This time the heart beat has been 172 and then 153 so who knows and I am carring the same as before. I have been feeling the baby kick for about two weeks.


chisad flarkheart - March 27

I am going into labor new my husben in having s_x with me is that okay



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