Heart Beat Rate Vs Gender

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Angie - November 17

Anyone out there with thier theory's on heartbeat rate predicting gender? I am expecting twins and on Tuesday the hearbeats were 167 and 173...girls?? boys? Just checking....there is no real science to this, just seeing what you all have to say. I have a daughter already and her heart rate was 170 + ...


KLC - November 17

I am having a boy and his heart rate is always in the 140-150 range. I can't remeber with my daughter but I think she was @160ish. Good luck.


Tamara - November 17

We're having a boy and his heartrate has been around 150 each time. If this works sounds like girls to me.


mls - November 17

this is pretty interesting to me. we're not finding out what ours is, but the heartrate was 152. can't remember with my son what the heartrate was. I'd be interested in hearing what more moms have to say as well.


L - November 17

We are having a boy, his heatrate has been between 154 - 156 each time.


this theory - November 17

This one's been posted several times in the few weeks I've been coming to these posts, and it's been figured out that it doesn't work. Just another old wives' tales... like every other that tries to predict gender without an ultrasound or risky amnio. Just wait a few more weeks!


ry - November 17

doesnt it matter what week you are when you measure heart rate? at 11 weeks my little ones hb was 170, now at 19 it is down to 148. Based on this old wivestale i thought i was having a girl at first, but now think it may be a boy......


melissa - November 18

at 9 weeks, my baby's heartrate was 177, and my friend said, you are having a girl!! at the 20 week ultrasound i found out i was indeed having a girl. now i am 26 weeks, and the heartrate is 144-148.


Angie - November 18

This doesn't work!!! Its a myth. My babies heart rate is 150 and its a girl.


Jenn - November 18

I having a girl and hers is 140 to 155 my doc say 120 to 160 is what they say is a good beat for baby


Tess - November 18

Angie, a friend of mine had 2 twin boys. She said that both their heartbeat are always in the upper 150's but not over 160. Hope that helps. Congrats!



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