Heart Beating Fast And Hard

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Holly - November 21

I am 24 weeks pregnant and I can feel my heart beating faster and harder. Most of the time it's not bothersome but when I try to lay down I can feel it beating harder and faster. Any of you other ladies had the same problem


20 wks - November 21

no, i cant say ive had that feeling , i would consult the dr!!


to Holly - November 21

Only after I walked up the stairs. I breathe heavier than I used to, and it seems to really gets my blood pumping. But I'm no doctor. Call & ask if you have any apprehensions. That's what your doc's there for!


Hi holly - November 21

I had that towards the end of my first pregnancy. I had to go to a heart specialist and have us of my heart. I had it because I am a short gal and my heart had dialated from working overtime pumping blood to me and my son. You should tell your doc, it really isn't a problem unless it continues after the pregnancy. It affected my eyes. I could see my pulse, my eyes throbbed. Good luck to you!


ry - November 21

Hi Holly, i get this too sometimes, it almost feels like i am having a panic attack but i have a hyperactive thyroid and this is a side effect of that.


Tess - November 21

Only after I walked up the stairs too. I tend to breathe harder but then once I've calm myself.......Im fine.


Dia - November 21

Hi Holly - I have that at night too. I lay down and can't sleep b/c my heart is beating so hard. I swear I can see the covers moving from it beating hard. I go to the doc on Wed and will ask then! Good luck!!


me - November 22

Holly is has happend to me as well...I think it has soemthing to do with the extra blood your body produces when you're pregnant. When I lay down is when I feel it and it's like I can hear it...but not really if that makes sense. I too have an appt wed and I'll ask but i dont' think you are alone!!


Natalie - November 22

if you lay in a position and you can feel your pulse throughout your body, and its like you can feel blood pumping up to your brain, its because the way you are sitting means the baby is laying and restricting a main artery in your body. if you just wriggle around and adjust the way you lay you should find that the pumping feeling reduces


Shana - November 22

I am 22 weeks and have been having the same problem for a few weeks. I asked my dr. and he said it was perfectly normal. It's caused by extra blood being pumped. Sometimes I think my chest is going to cave in!


Holly - November 23

I just wanted to let you girls know I went to the doctor and she said it is perfectly normal. By the 5th month the heart is pumping twice as much blood and some women can feel it. She told me to take a brisk walk if I feel totally miserable.


Andrea - November 23

Yes i'm almost 21wks. and when i lay down i can feel my heartbeat in my chest and head. I just move to make it stop or also try taking deep breaths. Good luck.



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