Heart Palpatations PVC S Flutters

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lar72 - July 25

Anja, I'm not pregnant but want to be pregnant in a year or so. I have had palpitations for a few years now and at first they were mild and then when i went and had a treadmill test one day and followed that with a latte I had them for a few hours straight and it freaked me out terribly. I also did a heart monitor and was told they are "benign". Noticing my patterns, I find that they happen at these times: with the tiniest amount of caffeine, after a gla__s of wine or certain alcoholic beverages, while doing upper body weight training, due to lack of sleep and when I forget to drink alot of water, and sometimes when I'm simply nervous. They are milder now that I have chilled my att_tude concerning them and because I don't drink caffeinated coffee anymore but reading this thread, I know what I'm in for if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant.


sakerrie - September 8

hello everyone i am only 8 weeks pregnant and have just spent week in hospital for PVCs. I had low pota__sium (was still dropping when morning sickness let up for a few days despite supplements). never had heart problems before. could run on treadmill for hour 3 weeks ago now i get palpitations just sitting down and breathless if i cross room ! how can something 1cm big be stressing my heart out. I could understand in 3rd trimester but not now. well seems like i just need to get used to it.


eyeSIS - September 11

Wow, just like everyone else, I am so glad to see this forum! It looks like this is pretty darn normal! I'm 26 weeks pregnant and have noticed fluttering since about week 10. I just had lunch with a friend who was in for a routine pre-natal, they were checking her blood pressure and heart rate and the machine beeped twice in a row, an the nurse just said, "oh your heart just skipped a beat" and didn't think anything of it. Unfortunately, when I feel my pulse and the rate is increased, I can't say that I am in the mood for relaxing! Such a vicious cycle....


dnclem - March 8

I had PVC for almost my entire 2nd pregnancy. They were soo bad and none stop I had a PVC every few seconds all day and night for months almost a year. Doctors said it was due to pregnancy of course blood changes. After delivering they didnt go away. I pretty much had accepted the thought that I would have to live with them for the rest of my life but. My PVCs stopped almost instantly after I had my first period. This was about 4 months after I had my baby. Its been 3 years and I rarely feel any. Hope this helps out to all.


sandgirl - August 3

I so glad to find this forum, Ive had palps before when I was overweight but not too regularly. They freaked me out as my dad pa__sed from heart failure. The docs chalked it off as anxiety for the first couple years, only thing they could find is an enlarged heart muscle. When I started eating better and cut out caffeine, lots of sugary stuff, and lost weight they quit. Now that Im 34weeks along they started again, about 200 in 5hrs. They found about 5pvcs on the way in the ambulance but the other 60+ I had in the hospital they didnt see. This happens a lot, they usually cant find them on the ekg, and most docs will chalk them off as anxiety. My personal non medical advice is drink lots of water, cut out coffee tea smoking, and too much sugar. Make sure you do some moving around to keep up your circulation if you seem to have more sitting-it works for me. Also, if youre a control freak like me, get into something spiritual to give up that control and the worst thing for me ultimately was to look up symptoms on the web. Forums are awesome, but test my theory and look up headaches and you will think you have a brain tumor. Fear can get the better of us and give us irrational thoughts, and fear is not natural. I hope this helps someone. :)


triciamickey - December 11

I have been having pretty bad heart palpitations since Thanksgiving. I told my OBGYN, and then they refered me to a cardiologist. I have had a heart ultrasound and a EKG and both looked normal. I wore a holter for 24 hours last week, but haven't gotten the results yet. They are very scary. I hear that they are very normal during pregnancy. Is anyone else out there going through this???? This is very worrisome!!!!


tonih70 - May 9

hi ashley, i am 35 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from palpations for a few years now. they have definately become alot worse since being pregnant . i have had a 24hr holter , a 7 day holter and an echo gram, before falling pregnant and when i was 25 weeks. the specialists say they are benign extra beats. I am relieved to hear that but the problem i have is they are scarring the c___p out of me . I have felt house bound for the last 4 weeks as im too scarred to go for a walk or go to the shops in case i have a bout of them. i would probably get them at least 10 times a day. they are constantly on my mind and i even think "am i going to get a bout of them" as soon as i get out of bed. is driving me crazy. totally scarred about the labour and what effect they are going to have on me.



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