Heart Palpitations

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Brandy - July 21

Hey you guys, is anyone else experiencing heart palpitations- as if your heart is going to jump out of your chest? I started having these about a week ago (I am 17 wks.). It scared me quite badly; however, everyone says that these are normal during pregnancy due to the increased blood volume. My doctor also reinforced this. Supposedly they are not significant as long as there is not syncope, dizziness, or chest pain associated with it...which I have not had. Just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this. Quite aggravating. Thanks:)


Kelsey - July 22

Yes - yes - yes! I too am 17 weeks and I have had these LIKE CRAZY. It is a scary feeling but it's normal in pregnancy. You are NOT alone! :)


not having fun - July 24

21 wks 4 dys. Yep, I've got them also. Doc said it was fine. It will even happen when I'm just watching tv, makes me scared to exercise.


elizabeth - August 5

i am almost 16 weeks and i experience that alot..i was a little afraid but it is hot outside and i think that makes it worse..dont worry hun..


Sam - August 5

I'm 14 weeks and I've had them a few times. It almost catches my breath when it happens. Very strange.


Gina - August 5

I had this with all 5 of my pregnancies. I have it w/o pregnancy in fact. Just saw a cardiiologist and he said it is okay. Ask the doc next time just in case.


Brandy - August 6

Thanks for the replies guys. This is my first pregnancy and although I am a nurse (not an OB nurse), I wasn't aware that these are common. Actually, I am almost 20 weeks now and they have gotten better. Thanks for the support.


beth - August 6

I have them too. I'm 12 weeks and some days they can be really bad. Like 6 or 7 times in one day.(Do you guys get them that frequently?) Then other days I don't even have one. I thought it was due to anxiety. or a heart murmur that I have. I'm glad to know that other women are experiencing the same thing.


Brandy - August 6

To Beth, yes definitely. Some days I get them several times; however, they seem to be getting better. They are so annoying.


beth - August 7

I guess as long as they are not accompanied by any chest pain or dizziness than they are harmless. Howerever, if anyone experiences those symptoms w/ the palipitations they should talk to their Dr.


MD - August 7

I am 21 weeks tomorrow. I had those very strongly from weeks 17-19. Doctor said it is normal. I don't have them anymore, thank God.



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