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taraleej - March 6

I had a doctors apt today..and for the first time i heard the babys heart beat with a doopler...it was very slow like a little faster then mine...but i remember with my first the heart beat was extremly fast...she said the heart beat will get stronger as a get further along..im not sure of any numbers...just wondering isnt it suppost to be really fast no matter ow far along you are?...(im 15 weeks)


MNMOM - March 6

Did they give you a heartbeat range? I think anything over 120 is good...did your doctor seemed concerned? If the dr didn't seem concerned, I wouldn't worry so much


beccaisamommy - March 7

I am in the same boat. I had a doctors appointment yesterday when I was 14wks6dys and it was the first time I was able to hear the heartbeat. I asked what the rate was and he said it was 135 and seemed very pleased with that. Most doctor's will be very honest with you and if they see a problem they will tell you. I think in the beginning it was faster or so I thought when I saw it on the ultrasound machine but the baby seems to be growing so amazingly fast I'm sure it is now in a pattern and will continue to either stay that way or the hearbeat will speed up with the baby. I'm excited either way and I don't think you have anything to worry about. :-)


kristinns25 - March 7

at 13w2d my babies heartrate was in the 170's. The doc said that was good but it seems a little fast after reading this.


DownbutnotOUT - March 7

both my boys were 150-155 and my daughter was 120-125 (perfectly healthy baby and she turns 2 on the 15TH) and this baby in my tummy is anywhere from 140-160. the fetal heart rate changes throughout pregnancy starting off slower and of course peaking at "whatever" beats and than goes down abit the farther along you are.


mel2229 - March 7

We just heard the heart beat today and I am 15w 2 d. It was 160. The doc said that a good hb will be anyehere from 120-150. So I think that your baby is just fine.



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