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Just wondering - February 10

Any one know if the HB can indicate gender? A HB of ~ 145 does that indicate a boy or girl? If anyone has any theories/insight I'd love to hear them! Thanks


Ella - February 10

My baby heart beat has ranged from 162 to 148 and it's a girl.


Tess - February 10

Im carrying a girl and her hb has always been 150 range.


Trina - February 10

The old wives tale says that the lower the heartbeat...its a boy. But my baby's heartbeat was 148 last time i was to the doctor and I'm having a girl. Although the doctor made the comment..."the heartbeat is starting to sound more like a boy!" That really blew my mind cause I've been worried about the gender ultrasound being wrong since the day I got it. However, we did get a really good shot of the genital area when we were there....but its just something I stress about now.


Cabbie - February 10

Both my girls had ranges of 140-145. This new one is a little boy with a range of 145-160. All my nephews and nieces have had ranges over 150.


Emily - February 10

I think it all depends on when you listen to it. My little one is a girl and it was 162. She was moving around alot though. The more they move, they higher it will be,. when they are resting it will be slower. I don't really think you can believe that whole heart rate thing anywya. My doc listened to my first's heartbeat and said if you belive old wives tales, your having a boy, well teh old wives tales were wrong, she as a girl.....it is always fun to guess.......


Brittany - February 10

My son was around 149 and my daugher is around 141.


Just wondering - February 10

Hi Ladies thanks for your quick response. I have the 18 week US on March 2nd. With my son he opened up pretty wide so the tech was able to tell that he was infact a boy. It's just that this preg is sooo different [and i know that they all are different] i'm kinda hoping for a GIRL :) but I don't really care so long as the baby is healthy. But i have heard of the HB theory and wanted to get some feedback thanks and good luck to all :)And Emily yes that makes a lot of sense the more they move the higher the HB.


Nita - February 10

I've been reading about heartbeats on some threads but i haven't learnt my baby's heartbeat yet...I'm in my 21st week now, when/how did you find out the heartbeat?


Just Wondering - February 10

Well actually at my 12 week scan I heard the tech recording the HB as 145 so I was nosy and listed to her... :) With my son the nurse would quote it all the time.



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