Heartbeat In 160s Could This Still Be A Boy

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N - January 3

My baby's heart rate was in the 160s at my dr's appointment. Which typically would point to a girl. Has anyone ever heard of a boy's heartbeat being this high though??? Thanks!


florida_mom - January 3

The heart rate doesn't apply until the last trimester. Your baby's heart rate could drop by then.


Jennifer - January 3

Babies heartbeats fluctuate constantly...if the baby is more active the heart rate will be higher, just like if the baby is less active the heartrate will be lower.


Heather L - January 3

That's JUST a wives tale. If you don't believe me just ask your dr. The heartrate means nothing more than at the moment it was checked the baby was awake and active, or quiet and sleeping. You know you are having a boy? That's nice. :) I am pregnant with my FIRST girl!!:)


N - January 3

I don't know the s_x of the baby yet. Just guessing so far. My doctor did mention the fact that predicting the s_x by heartrate is a wive's tale, but also said that typically a high heart rate points to a girl. He didn't say it was a fact or anything, but he seemed like he does see some truth in it apparently. Although it is a wives' tale, I'm wondering if anyone actually has seen a heart rate in the 160s turn out to be a boy. Just trying to guess still! Thanks for your comments!


a - January 3

i heard of a boy being born recently that when they did the u/s the heartbeat was 190! Research shows that girls heart rates are typically higher AFTER they are born, but before birth they all flucuate so it's not a good way to determine the s_x. Good luck to you! :-)


N - January 3

a - That info about the boy with the heart rate of 190 will make my husband happy to hear! :) Ha!


Michelle - January 3

I just found out 100% BOY..Heart rate is 167...


N - January 3

Michelle - Interesting! Thanks!


N - January 3

Michelle - And congrats to you!!!


J - January 5

Yes, my babys heartbeat has been 155-170 and we found out he is a boy Dec 20th!!


to N - January 5

My baby's heartbeat has fluctuated between 140 and 170. He is definitely a boy. There was no mistaking that from the ultrasound. I'm surprised your doc is repeating old wives tales. "Research shows"... ??? Highly doubtful. Let's see this research.


Tillie - January 5

I had a hearbeat of 160 the other day, and my doctor said: "Oh, must be a girl!" Maybe they're just out to confuse us.


Allyson - January 5

my babys heart rate is between 140 and 170 not sure what we are having yet but hoping for a BOY!


mama3 - January 5

both my older girls were in the 160's and my 3rd is in the 160's I'll find out this month boy or girl. Hoping girl!!!!! Goodluck to all


liz - January 24

I am having a boy and his heart rate has varied from 144 to 170, so you can never really tell....


Tess - January 24

we're expecting a baby girl in May and every doc's visit her hb is at 150.



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