Heartbeat Of 150 Bpm Is This Bad

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Can - July 15

I have a doppler at home and I have really enjoyed using it but last night I checked the heartbeat and I got 25 beats in 10 seconds so that would be 150 beats per minute. That's a little lower then the average 160 to 180 that is supposed to be normal. Should I be worried? Well, I am worried but hopefully it is fine?? I am now 14 1/2 weeks along and I miscarried at 15 1/2 weeks so that is just not helping my worry!! Any thoughts anyone?


Deirdra - July 15

I wouldnt worry about it, Heart rates cahnge...they sometimes wont even be close...ive heard it at 160 and as low as 136...it all depends maybe, your baby was resting...


dueJan1607 - July 15

Hi Can, this is just part of an article that I was reading off the internet...hope this will calm your fears! "To measure the baby's heart rate, your pract_tioner will count the heartbeats for a full minute, or count for 15 seconds and then multiply by four. Some of the instruments eliminate the need for this by providing a readout of the rate. And some pract_tioners are so attuned to the normal range that they listen carefully and only count if it seems high or low. At times, the Doppler picks up sounds from the mother's side of the placenta and relays her heartbeat instead of the fetus'. A normal heart rate for the mother is under 100, but the baby's should be over 120, so they sound different. If there is a question, the pract_tioner will feel the mother's pulse and see if it's the same as what he's listening to through the Doppler instrument. Interpreting the fetal heart rate A normal fetal heart rate usually is between 120 and 160 beats per minute. While rumors abound, the truth is there is no difference between girls' and boys' rates, so knowing if the heart beat is fast or slow can?t help you to choose baby clothes or room decor. The loudness or quietness of the heartbeat also doesn't mean anything. The sound has to do only with the volume controls on the instrument, as well as the distance and angle from the heart to the Doppler. So don't worry if it sounds quiet or far away sometimes. In a twin pregnancy, it can be hard to distinguish the two heart rates, especially if they are similar. Your pract_tioner will listen at different places on the uterus, and try to identify two distinct rates. If there is a real question whether both babies were heard, ultrasound can be used to see each twin's heart."


Gena - July 15

Can, this is exactly why my husband refused to let me get a doppler. I understand your concern totally though. I also have heard anything above 120 is perfectly fine. You never know what they're doing in there. Good Luck and try not to stress!


HannahBaby - July 15

120-180 is the "normal" range. My daughter was 160 in the beginning and dropped off to 130 at the end. You are fine. 150's is what my baby is at right now (im 27 weeks)


marie7 - July 15

Hi Can, I am at about 14 1/2 weeks too with #2 and at dr appt on 7/11 hb was 150 too :) #1 was typically in the 142 to 147 range for most of pregnancy and he is a happy healthy almost 4 yr old!


tndrlvn - July 15

oh don't worory Can, my very first one was 170,bpm at 8 weeks, then at 3 months i was 168, then 152 now at 20 weeks i am 148 and holding. hahaha.....it is perfectly normal...CONGRATS!!!!!!!!


Cookie - July 15

Hey, just went for an u/s yesterday..i'm 18W1D and our daughter's hb is 148 which my dr said was perfect...so I wouldn't worry....good luck!!!


LaurenKaylyn17 - July 16

When I got my first ultrasound they said my baby's heartbeat was 150 lol... girl I think you are just fine... cuz the RN said that was a perfect heartbeat when I asked her if that was ok.


Can - July 16

Thanks so much. I worry about everything. And when I told my doctor that I had gotten a dopplar to listen to at home she wasn't to impressed because she said that it would only make me worry about new concerns. So I didn't want to call her with my concern about the heartrate being low!!! Thank you so much, you have really put my mind at ease!! I don't know where I read that the heartbeat should be 160-180 but I was nervous when it was lower. So 120-180 is normal. That is soooo great to know. Thanks so much.


venus_in_scorpio - July 16

i hear ya can i worry about everything too. 150 is perfect dont worry. my baby's has always been 140-149. also, variation between 120-180 is normal too depending on how active u and baby are. your baby is OK. :o)


Aviendha416 - July 16

Mine read at 158 bpm at 7.5 weeks. I'm sure your baby is fine. Ask you doctor however. Only he'she can be entirely sure whether or nor there is a problem..


MuzikGurl - July 16

I wouldn't worry I was told they range from 120s to 200s mine is ranging from 150 to 160bpm it's not bad at all in fact it's completely normal...especially since you are at 14 to 15 weeks along I am 19 weeks and my last one was about 2 weeks ago and it was at 150 I don't see the dr. for another week or two but we are gonna see another u/s next monday to find out if it's a boy or girl but, I have been told by many drs to not worry about heartbeats as long as it's steady and it can be heard.


AshleyB - July 16

my doc said it's always between 140-170. So don't worry.


alley24 - July 16

when My Babies heart beat was taken at 7 weeks it was 160, at 14 weeks it went to 168 at 16 weeks it was 148 and at 19 weeks it has stayed at 148. That is normal. It depends on the activity of your baby the more active the higher the heart rate, tjhe slower means that they are at rest.


faraway - July 18

i never thought pregnancy would be this worrisome! every day its something else to worry about..constant stress that something isnt perfect and i think we all obviously feel the same. My midwife wasnt able to hear babies heartbeat at all at 13 weeks but says this is quite normal, trying for another listen this weekend at 15 weeks..


Lilu - July 21

I had my 20 week scan and her heartrate was 142bpm.



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