Heartbeat On Doppler

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erica - February 2

When did everyone hear the heartbeat on the doppler for the first time? I went in at 10w, 5d, and they could not find it. I am going in now for my 14w,6d appt and worried it will happen again?


tara - February 2

don't worry about it. My Doctor said with each person it's different. Some can hear it at 8 weeks and some not 'till way later especially if you have a tilted utrus then it woudl be really hard to hear. If there is anything to worry about your Dr. should say so. Have you been scheduled for an ultrasound yet? The ultrasound is stronger than a doppler, maybe they can send you for one this/next week to ease your mind...you should ask your dr. about it. I'm also at 14w,3d :o)


monica - February 9

same thing happened to me. at my 10 week no heart beat but confirmed heart beat with u/s. then on my 14 week still could not hear heart beat with doppler again they sent me to an u/s and was able to see the heart beat. I rented a doppler for myself for peace of mind and now I can hear it everyday. The doctor was trying to find it at the wrong location and didnt take her time to find it. Now my next appt. is for my 18 week. for sure I am sure they will be able to hear it.


Trina - March 2

My Dr. scared me to death over this..had me come in days apart when I was less than 12 weeks along because he could not find the HB on the doppler. We scheduled a U/S for two days later, and had NO problem picking up the 154 BMP heartbeat. Our "Bud" is quite the wiggle-worm, so maybe that made it harder to hear, but nevertheless, I think my Dr. stressed me out unnecessarily over this. Try not to worry, and request an U/S to easy your mind....


Beth - March 3

When I went into the dr for what I thought was 9 weeks he told me I was actually 10 weeks and I heard the baby's heartbeat on the doppler. I am now 16 weeks and go back tomorrow and again hope to hear it!


Leahp - March 3

I just heard the heart beat for the first time yesterday!!! I'm 11 weeks and my doctor first felt around and then he knew what direction to go in since the first thing you pick up is the placenta a huge whoooshing noise and wham!!! he found it!! I've been looking for two weeks and have a very similar doppler as him, so I'll keep trying so I can enjoy my little bundle of joy at home!!!



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