Heartbeat On Fetal Doppler

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Jen - October 14

How many weeks pregnant were you when you heard your babies heartbeat on the doppler?


ry - October 14

i was 9.


Lisa - October 14

I was 7 weeks!! Yah, it was the best!


Jen - October 14

On the doppler at the doctors office not the ultrasound.


Lisa - October 14

7 weeks....


Coreene - October 14

They can usually hear it on the doppler around 10 to 12 weeks. When it is before that it is usually on an ultrasound. I am really thin so I heard my babys at 10 weeks. I hope this helps.


Lisa - October 14

Mine was done v____ally with the doppler and an ultrasound picture seeing it as well...


emy - October 15

not before 12 weeks.


? - October 15

Lisa, a doppler is a small device the doctor has in his office that he puts on your tummy and listens to a speaker to hear the sounds from your uterus.


Lisa - to ? - October 15

So I gave it the wrong name...whatever! I heard the babies heartbeat at 7 weeks; with no headphones...may be they have different equipment here in Korea.


Lisa - October 15

I have pregnancy brain here...7 weeks for v____al and 11 weeks for the doppler. Sorry.


Shawna E. - October 26

I heard it clearly (first try) on the heart doppler at 9 weeks, but the doctor had warned me we might not be able to hear it that soon. His words were, "Let's see if we get lucky... " He seemed pleasantly surprised to have picked it up so quickly, so I know that not everyone can hear their baby so early. It was relatively quiet compared to the sounds I heard from the neighboring rooms in the clinic, but it was distinct. I am quite chunky, by the way... over 200 pounds.


Jennifer - October 26

I am 12 weeks and 3 days and just heard it today! But I heard it via ultrasound in week 8 and week 10.


Tara - October 28

I rented a doppler and heard it before doctors appointment at 10.5 weeks, but at first it was really hard to locate. Im going on 15 weeks and now its louder but is in different areas all the time.


natalie - October 28

22 weeks


Laura - October 31

My midwife tried the doppler on me this morning but she couldnt hear the heartbeat. She said it was too early because my uterus was still down in my pelvic area, but she said she could hear it moving around. I still cant help feeling paranoid. Should I be


... - November 1

Laura--I've never heard of a dr. say they can hear it moving around...if she can hear that she should be able to hear the heart beat you would think. How far along are you? At 12 wks 6 days my dr. told me the heartbeat can still be really hard to find, and that sometimes she can't find it so she will do an u/s. She finally found it after a minute or two, it was a lot quieter than I expected. If you're still pretty early the baby is still pretty far down in your pelvis so they might not be able to hear it yet. Did she offer you an u/s?



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