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Fatima - January 14

I am 21 weeks and I just started experiencing terrible heartburn a few days ago. I was wondering what you girls out there are taking for it. I normally was taking malox but it came back immediately after eating. Then today I took tums and it alleviated it so quickly! I dont remember if my doc said that i could take tums. Im guessing it is safe since it is a calcium supplment and mmm they taste good, just like candy!


Ann - January 14

Hi Fatima, I am 22 weeks and have been having really bad heartburn for about three weeks now. I have such pain in my throat that sometimes I don't think I can swallow my food! My doctor said that pepcid ac, tums, mylanta any of those are ok to take. Tums stopped working for me, so I switched to pepcid ac. I only take it at night, then I sleep propped up on pillows. I have also had to cut out tomatoes, ketchup, oranges(juice too), and pineapple. I seem to react to these the most. Good luck!


Anne - January 14

My dr. said Tums were ok to take, but not to take more than 7 or 8 a day. I've had to pay more attention to what I eat these days. No oj or spicy foods. I also make sure I sit up for at least an hour after I eat. Good luck!


sparkles - January 15

I used to get indigestion and heartburn with just orange juice and spicy or acidic foods, but now I get indigestion every time I lay down. I'm 26 weeks. I've found that eating crackers a little while before you go to bed helps. It helps to absorb the excess acid in your stomach. Milk seems to help a lot of women, since it's an acid neutralizer. Hope you girls are feeling better. :)


lc - January 16

I can't stand the chalky taste of tums or rolaids tablets, it makes me gag. I found some vanilla chews made by rolaids that are actually pretty good. They work right away for me.


ricanmami - January 30

i too have bad heartburn, and cold milk helps me every single time!!


momm4 - January 30

Hi! I've had terrible problems with acid reflux and heartburn for years, and my doctor told me to try prilosec. He said it was OK for pregnancy if your heartburn is totally out of control, which mine always is! Definately ask your dr first before taking it, though, it may not be OK for everybody. I use tums now and then if I get a little "breakthrough" heartburn, the rolaids softchews are pretty effective, too. They're both safe to use. I sympathize with you, I know how uncomfortable this can be. Just wanted to tell you something, by the way, Fatima is going to be our baby girl's middle name. We are naming her after my husband's mom, their family is from Iraq. I've never had a chance to meet her, though I talk to her on the phone and we send pictures all the time. She has a LOT of granddaughters, but none of them have been named after her. When we told her our plan, she was so happy she cried! Anyway, hope you feel better soon!


ga2bme - January 30

Hi Fatima, I know the feeling as well. The only thing I ever tried but it worked super for me was to take 2-3 rolaids b4 and after my meal and that would help keep things from backing up into my throat. Maybe even 3-4 after the meal if you need more. Good Luck....oh the joys of being pregnant!


mama3 - January 30

I had severe heartburn with my 2nd baby and this one too. Talk to your dr about getting PROTONIX 40mg. You take one a day. It isnt harmful to the baby at all and it will get ride of the heartburn within 20 mins and last for 24 hrs per pill. I was able to eat and drink anything after starting this pill. I use to get it so bad I got car sick or just turning around to look at something would make me want to throw-up. PROTONIX has made my life livable with my baby's. I have taken it from 23wks to birth. GL hope this helps you and anyone else suffering. The script isnt that excpensive either. GL


Betsy - January 30

This is random, but noticed several of you girls mentioned OJ being bad for heartburn so I just thought i'd bring this up....I just saw in the grocery store the other day that minute maid makes a low acid OJ. I tried it and it didn't bother me like regular OJ does.


momm4 - February 1

Betsy's right. I couldn't believe this OJ, I haven't been able to drink any at all for years it gave me heartburn so bad. I found this stuff, and it doesn't bother me at all, and I actually like it better than the others!


Lynne - February 1

Yes you can take tums while pregnant. I kept them in my purse and desk drawer. Also a great help is milk. It neutralizes the acid. I went through 2-3 gallons per week while I was pregnant.


akr - February 5

you can take a homeopathic remedy of papaya enzyme as well, they are chewable and sweet tasting. be weary of taking too much tums or antacids, worst case senerio you could potentially calcify your placenta.


L - February 5

Hi All! I've had WICKED heartburn since about 6 weeks (I'm 25 weeks now). I used to try to drink milk to get rid of it but my DR said NO WAY. Milk can actually make it work by masking symptoms and causing constipation as it mixes with the acid etc. He said TUMS are just fine (rolaids are a no but I don't know why) and if they stop working, you can go with pepcid ac. A friend of my parents is a gastrointerologist and said what my dr said was just right. She also said that saurkraut (yuck) or a shot of apple cider vinegar is good. Hope this helps!


EricaG - February 5

Hey! L is right, I was going to say it on here and I read her post, you should NOT take rolaids during pregnancy, take tums instead. Like her I don't know why... I didn't ask. but that's what the doctor says.


jamima - April 12

im 18 weeks and i get bad heart burn and i use gavascoin


fefer1 - April 12

Tums work sometimes, but I swear by milk, cold milk!! I drink a big gla__s before bed or after a meal. It works every time. I also try to eat slower and not as much at a time, or before bed. Sleep slightly elevated too.... I don't know what the doctors are talking about when they say not to drink milk, it has NEVER made it worse and always helps me. Maybe we're all different.



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