Heartburn Lovely Remedies Anyone

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jessica72 - January 26

Ok add heartburn to my ever changing list of pregnancy woes. :) I thought I'd escaped this one. I'm 25 weeks and last night I felt a burning sensation in my upper abdomen all the way to my throat and I felt like I wanted to burp, but all that happened was this sour bile feel. I assume this is heartburn?? Horrible! Any of you pros have any good remedies for this?


Tracy88 - January 26

I'll tell you, I have a heartburn pattern.....sort-of, so see if you notice one with yourself. That's a good first step. What I noticed was I get HB early evening due to food I had late in the afternoon, not necessarily dinner, but from about 3pm on. So, I started making sure that whatever I ate post lunch was without onion or tomato sauce. The crazy thing is that some days I get it, and some I don't. For example, I had a horrendous craving for chicken wings (no idea why) but was afraid to eat them because I thought for sure they would send me over the edge, well........NOTHING!!!!!! I have had them twice now in the last month for dinner and got NO HB!!! I actually felt great. So, my only REAL advice is to carry Tums with you at all times, take two, and call me in the morning!


MichelleB - January 26

milk before bed, tums in your night stand, try to keep your head slightly elevated with a pillow or something....it hit me last night too....probably the burger and onionrings I had! If there is anything, PLEASE let me know too!


Tracy88 - January 26

Believe it or not, the tums takes a few minutes, but after I've had two, the burp will come up. Hopefully someone can post with some more sound advice!


Tracy88 - January 26

Oh, and Michelle said something that reminded me to tell you NOT to lay down for like 30 minutes after you eat anything. I stopped going straight to the couch after eating and that helped tremendously.


suze42 - January 26

Ive had it 2 times this pg, and it ;s painful. I took a pepcid AND tums. Tums alone didnt work for me for some reason. I think the pepcid helped tho. When I was pg w/DS4, Slurpees from 7-11 gave me h/b..how weird is that?


TamaraAngel - January 26

I never had heartburn before in my life until this pregnancy... now i get it all the time... usually in the evening. And usually while laying on the couch watching TV or in bed trying to sleep. I get the burning nasty bile feeling from my belly to my mouth. Tums helps quickly for me. It's really bad after eating pizza. The Old Wive's Tale is that if you have a lot of heartburn the baby will be born with a lot of hair. Lol... sorry i can't be of more help... but at least your not alone!


danimarie - January 26

Looks likes Tums is the answer...they definately help me but don't cure it. I have also heard that milk or ice cream help...I'm not sure though. I get heartburn from some weird stuff too....like apples? Hmm...yeah..not very fun. If anyone knows of anything better PLEASE SHARE! Lol. Otherwise...I guess we will just have to wait it out.....


karen goode - January 26

I have had the worst hb since my 20th week. I am now almost 36 weeks pregnant and it is worse then ever. I actually threw up this morning b/c of it which is a daily ritual. My OBGYN put me on prevacid but it did not help. I take tums which help but not much. I would ask your doctor for something.


Melissa30 - January 26

I went to my Dr. this morning and asked him what to do about heartburn. He wrote me out a prescription for Zantac. He said that is what HIS pregnant wife takes. You can get it over-the-counter or prescription stength.


Rosiemeg - January 26

apple cider vinegar works wonders. you can mix a small(1 tbs) amount in some juice. it neutralizes the acids in your belly. google it and you'll see it's been used for heartburn relief for centuries.


jessica72 - January 26

All great tips, girls thanks. I don't even know where I would look for TUMS in the medicine aisle, I've never had this problem before, lol. Like the apple cider suggestion too. I've heard tomatoes bring it on?? Great, I had a huge bowl of tomato basil soup, and I had it for lunch...gulp! Tracy, I'm testing your theory out tonight :)



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