Heartburn Indigestion

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Adria - April 20

I'm almost 20 wks and I have been having horrible allergies and indigestion/heartburn problems at night when I want to sleep, is anyone else having this problem? I was awake for 3 hours last night.


Jenn - April 20

I'm 16 weeks and I have the same problems! Tums doesn't really help all that much anymore and I'm scared to take anything for my allergies. Unless someone knows something I don't, I guess we just have to suffer through it =(


Lily - April 20

I'm only 12 weeks but I had the same problem...It got so bad that I'd keep a bottle of tums next to my bed. My doctor gave me a prescription for Zantac...I take it twice a day, and it's worked for my heartburn great. Indigestion however, just try eating crackers or something small, never letting yourself get hungry. If you both have allergies, consult you're doctor about alternatives or nutrient shakes that might help?


s - April 20

for the allergies I honestly don't know other that telling you to ask your doctor, but I have found that a gla__s or two of whole milk will work wonders for indigestion


Tarah - April 20

Hi guys! As far as your allergies go, how bad are they and what are your symptoms? Or are they more of sinus problems? I have horrible sinus problems & Tylenol Sinus is safe to use and it works great for headaches and nasal congestion! And with the indegestion, they say that it helps if you eat smaller meals more frequently rather than 3 big meals each day. Being that your digestive tract digests more slowly so that the baby can get more nutrients, it's easier for your stomach to handle smaller portions. Hope that helps! Good luck! =)


jess - April 20

u can also try 1 tsp of apple cider vinager in a gla__s of water before u eat..................great for heartburn


Adria - April 20

Thanks ladies for responding, my symptoms for allergies are sneezing, plugged up nose and a cough which starts as a tickle in my throat. I am actually taking a homeopathic remedy which helps a whole lot wish I could share with you all but the company went belly up so i am cherishing every tablet I still have, as far as the indigestion I've been using Gas X with maalox which does seem to help but I will try some of the other things that you all suggested. I'm glad i'm not the only one with these problems.



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