Heartburn Indigestion HELP PLEASE

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miserable - October 14

I am almost 17 weeks and I have heartburn and indigestion SOOOOO BADDD allllll the time, I cant sleep at nite, I lay awake for hours in pain and misery. My whole torso feels bloated and tight, and i feel this grossness in my chest and throat, sometimes I have a good day but not usually. It messes up my whole nite and day i cant do anything but lay there and toss and turn, what do I do??? I start school full time in a few weeks, and its a 45 minute drive away, I need to be able to stick it out. Does it go away or get worse?


Jessica - October 14

I hate to tell you this but I am almost 28 weeks and it has gotten progressively worse the further I am. Doctor says tums are okay to take so I take them but can't take anything else. Some say a gla__s of milk helps but lately everything will give me heartburn. I get heartburn eating an apple! If the old wives tale about heartburn and how much hair your baby will have this kid will have hair down to his b___t at birth! Good luck!


Rachel.R - October 14

Iv never heard that wives tale jessica, but its a good one.. cause if it was true, my daughter would resember an ape of some kind. I have had the WORST indigestion. im 27 weeks tomorrow (yay third trimester) and my indigestion has gotten worse and worse over the past 8 weeks or so. Iv found foods with tomato, high fatty foods (especially chocolate) and spicy foods make it worse. My ex had stomach ulcers and had severe indigestion all the time, so I know what to steer clear of to avoid indigestion. Um, yeah milk is ok. Ice cream is good.. but I try to eat smaller meals, or eat very slowly, and REALLY chew my food alot, that stops me from getting it as bad. Also i get it bad when i go to bed, so i sleep with extra pillows to raise my top half of my body. Im also chewing on Rennie, an indigestion tablet. they are fabulous, i want to meet Mr Rennie, and give him a pat on the back for makin them so good. Yeah they also contain very high calcium, 2 tablets is half your daily requirement. And calcium is a big must especially now. So yeah. Also if you want answers browse the net, theres so much you can find about it. and things you can do to help it. I hope i helped abit.


Kaeli - October 14

Wow I have never heard that old wives tale either, if its true, right there with you guys, I will be having a baby that looks like cousin it.. To Rachel- I looked up Rennie, is it only available in the UK? I cant find a US retailer!!! These days it seems like everything gives me heartburn.. its horrible. But eating smaller meals and nothing tomato based seems to help. Also eat at least 3 hrs before you try to go to bed.


Beth - October 14

Tums is the same thing as Rennie and has the same amount of calcium, I take two every day. I'm 25 weeks and my indigestion has gotten alot better the further along I get, but it still gets me every couple of days or so.


K - October 14

Kaeli, I am from canada but can buy this only in US - Zantac 150. My dr said I can take a max of 2 a day. They work amazingly. I took them for my whole 1st preg too. My daughter is perfectly healthy. I have heard that wives tale too. My 1st had LOTS of hair. I think she earned everyone with the heartburn I had.


... - October 14

My dr. said it was okay to take Rolaids also, as well as tums and zantac. So far nothing really helps though.


miserable - October 14

thanks for all the advicfe, tums are my best friend even though they dont always work...


Jennifer - October 14

There is hope honey. First of all call you OB and request something for acid reflux. There are several medications both prescription and over the counter that are perfectly safe to use during pregnancy. There is no need to suffer. I was diagnosed with acid reflux several years ago, I know exactly how you feel because I was lying awake at night in complete misery. And I wasn't even pregnant! I take Aciphex twice a day, you probably would only need it once a day. I am on a high does due to a medical condition that causes me to have severe reflux. I'm 31 weeks now and I guess the pressure on my stomach is increasing last week I started waking up everynight choking because of the reflux. I have quit eating anything after 8pm and that has solved the problem. I know it sucks not to eat late, but it's better than waking up choking on vomit. You should really ask the Dr. for something because unfortunatley as your belly gets bigger and pushes up on your stomach more and more it will only get worse. I hope this helps, I really do know what you are going through.


Ashtyn - October 14

It is so great that you put this on here.. I just wish it would have been two days ago b/c I went to my OB with the same problem. She told me to take Maalox or Mylanta if the Tums doesn't work. Mine feels like pressure under my ribs-constantly! She said to take those antacids and try drinking a small gla__s of Sprite to relieve the indigestion! (makes you burp!!)


Christi - October 14

I keep TUMS beside my bed and eat the religously. I also drink milk, sleep on my side, and keep my head elevated.....works for me...


sammy - October 15

have any of you heard of acid reflux being so bad that it causes damage to the throat?


Amy - October 15

Miserable... sorry about your heartburn. I had it really bad with my first baby -- a little boy who was completely BALD (old wives tale is nothing but a tale...;)). My doctor gave me nexium - it is a prescription and on the safe list to take during pregnancy. By the end of my pregnancy I could hardly eat.. and I wasn't that big (only gained 23 pounds.. probably because I couldn't eat much). Also, eat an early dinner so you don't have a lot of food in your stomach (smaller meals throughout the day helped too). If you can prop yourself up at night so your head and chest are higher than your lower body. Sorry.. I have been there.. So far, I am 21 weeks and I have a have been heartburn free!! Fingers are crossed... ;)


N - October 16

My doctor put me back on prilosec as soon as I hit my second trimester. She said she has alot of pregnant women who do well with it. After a week on it, I felt like throwing a party! lol, It saved me, cause I really did not think I could go on anymore, really, I could not even eat or drink water. Zantac, and every other remedy just did not work. Good luck< N



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