Heartburn Remedies

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Kristine - October 7

Please share your remedies. I've tried mylanta liquid, maalox disolving tablets and tums to no avail. I have taken Pepcid if it's really bad but I hate taking those over the counter pills. THANKS!!!


austynsmommy - October 7

I have been taking Ranitidine. Nothing was working for me. I tried everything. I would call your doctor.


Kimmer23 - October 8

The only thing that has helped me at all is avoiding any type of spicy or acidic foods (especially in the evening)...no pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, OJ, etc. Good luck!


kmoselle - October 8

I have GERD and both my regular doctor and my ob-gyn have said it is completely safe to comtinue taking my Prevacid, which is the prescription form of Prilosec. Ask your doctor to be sure, but I am told they are safe, otherwise I would not have continued taking them.


pgagain - October 12

I try to chew fruit flavored gum all day it really helps. Keep renewing the flavor with a fresh piece when it gets old. I was taking tums all day and they were making me feel sick. I think it was the thought of taking them, yuk. Don't chew mint gum tho, I heard mint can make heartburn worse. And I switch between sugarless and not cause too much sorbitol upsets my tummy. The constant flow of saliva, and swallowing keeps the acid down and keeps me from having to take medicine. I was taking antacids ten times a day now maybe once or twice.


Kristine - October 14

Thanks for all your responses. PGagain, I did hear that about mints as well so I avoid them too. What kind of gum do you buy? I worry about the aspartame in the gum.


pgagain - October 18

I chew juicy fruit and sugarless gum of many varieties most of the sweetner is sorbitol but there is some aspartame in it, too. I chew more juicy fruit than anything else.


Terio - October 19

One Prilosec in the morning makes heartburn non-existent. I wish I would have learned this earlier in my 1st pregnancy ~ but once I was told about it, it was a life saver from there on. Hope this helps someone.


Teddyfinch - October 19

i found drinking tons of water and milk helps. although the tums worked for me, i still didn't like tasting them all the time. and the mylanta liquid (at least for me) only gave me the runs. we TOTALLY need that while we're pregnant lol.



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