Heartburtn What Can I Do

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Claire - March 2

Hello to you all, I have terrible heartburn, that does not let me sleep at night, is there anything I can take to ease the discomfort, any foods that need to be avoided that cause heartburn? Thanks


d - March 2

claire....i am on my 3rd and had heartburn with all 3!!! i take tums. 2 at a time but not too many. try to avoid sauces like pizza, and spaghetti, i know those cause it for me. tums work though. good luck.


xx - March 3

my dr. said that it was safe for me to take tums or regular strength Zantac, it won't hurt the baby. But only when u can't bare the burn. Hope that helps. Good luck!


Laurie - March 7

heartburn while prgnant is common. The best CURE for heartburn is a little vinegar, yes vinegar. I know you think that is crazy and will cause more acid. Most drug companies would love it if you popped all their drugs while lining their pockets, but the truth is that heartbrn is not caused by access acid, quite contraily, the opposite. Heartburn occurs because your body is not producing enough acid to digest your food, pushing your food up, causing heartburn. Vinegar will let your body produce more acid, NATURALLY curing your heartburn! All natural solutions work great in a lot of situations, this is just one example. Best of all it is all natural and will not harm your baby!


A - September 6

The vinegar solution works, but the rationale seems suspect. Vinegar is itself an acid, and the most likely effect is reduced body acid production if vinegar is consumed regularly (the system realizes it needs less). Wine, similar in many ways to vinegar is also often recommended (though not, of course, during pregnancy, which is where the vinegar comes in).


RM - September 6

Hi! I've had a few bad nights with heartburn as well. I have taken Tums when absolutely desparate (ok'd by doctor). I try to avoid spicy foods, especially later in the day. If I do have something I think might cause me grief, then I try to also have dairy - a gla__s of milk, frozen yogourt or ice cream, or yogurt and that seems to help a lot. And of course, WATER! I know you hear it over and over again, but truly, I think it is the best thing for us and the baby and I know that on the days when I've had lots of water, I don't have heartburn or it is significantly less bothersome. Hope this helps!


Mel - September 7

For heartburn which i have unfortunately had from day 1, I've found that mylanta works extremely well, but you can only take it for a short amount of time. ( 2 weeks of using regularly). But I managed to come across something else that helps. A chewy tablet called Rennie. It's actually for pregnancy related heartburn. And a couple of tablets helps alot. You can take them as you need them. And they are also fairly well priced for the amount that you go through. Hope this helps a little.



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