Heaviness Amp Varicose Veins

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Wendy - July 28

Hi, I am nearly 26 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I have started experiencing a heaviness in my va___a along with severe vulva varicose veins. These are really uncomfortable and I am a little worried as my scan at 20 weeks showed a low-lying placenta. I need to go for another scan at 32 weeks, however, I am concerned that I might go into labour early and also that the birth may be complicated by the varicose veins. Any advice or feedback would be great.


Heidi - July 28

Vericose veins on your vulva? Did you notice them or your doctor? I'm confused. I have a low lying placenta also and get another scan at 32 wks too but she said not to worry as it almost always moves by 32 wks.


Julie - July 28

Hi I don't have the vericose veins in the v____al area, but on my legs they are crazy. I have also been told my placenta is low-lying, and I have just in the last couple of days begun to feel some pressure, or heaviness as you put it, in my pelvic area. I am nearly 28 weeks and will be visiting my doctor on the 3rd of Aug so I plan to ask about it. I'll be curious to hear what you find out too.


Wendy - July 29

Hi Heidi. I, myself, noticed the varicose veins on my vulva as I felt this intense heaviness and 'hanging out' feeling (to be very descriptive) down there. It is now getting more and more uncomfortable and I have booked an appt. with my GP at the Birth Centre I attend to find out if this is going to cause a problem during birth. Following the very difficult delivery of my first child (37cm head circ_m, vacuum delivery!), I tore quick badly and also suffered quite a bit damage to my pelvic floor muscles. Since then I have suffered prolapse along with some incontinence problems. What concerns me is if I am already experiencing such heaviness/discomfort at 26 weeks, what am I going to be like full-term and what damage will another v____al delivery cause??? I will let you know what my GP says on Monday.


Wendy - July 29

Hi Julie. I too have varicose veins on my lower right leg/ankle which causes quite abit of aches & pains. This I can deal with. The v____al ones and those running down my inner right thigh are the real concern for me, and I will let you know what my GP says. If you could also let me know what your Dr. tells you, that would be great.


Heidi - July 29

Oh ouch that sound painful! That's one thing I haven't read about yet but I'll definately watch for the symptoms! I'm 28 weeks and no heaviness sensation like some women are describing.


Emily - December 29

So what did everyone find out? I just read the notes and it seems everyone was going to talk with their doctors. I have the exact thing Wendy is talking about and I am 30 weeks. Do I need to worry more than I am already?


to Emily - December 29

If these women were in their third trimester in July, they most certainly have had their babies by now & may not be around to answer.


Emily - January 5

I'm right there with you, but at 30 weeks. I'm very worried about the delivery with the varicose veins on my vulva - my doctor said there is a chance they could rupture and he would have to "tie it off" - whatever that means. I'm very nervous. Please reply if you are going through this as well or have gone through it. Thanks.


Rose - January 14

Hi, I am 37 weeks pregnant with my third child. I have been experiencing a heaviness in my v____a along with severe vulva varicose veins. According to my doctor it's the largest one he has ever seen. According to my doctor there should be no complications. He delivered my other 2 children, so I have great faith in him. Just pray to GOD and have faith and he will take care of it!! AMEN


Emily - January 16

I'm going in tomorrow for 32 week check-up and I'll ask my doctor more questions. I fear for the same reasons!


virgogirl - May 31

I am 25 weeks and have had vericose veins on my vulva for about 4 weeks now. The doctor said there's really nothing I can do for the pain/swelling and that it will probably get worse as my pregnancy progresses. She suggested staying off my feet as much as possible and keeping my feet elevated. A little difficult with 2 other children to take care of! So, I just wanted to share that I have found my own solution that is working great and had to pa__s it along for all the other gals out there having the same problem I'm having! I've started getting in the pool for at least an hour every day and it's the beginning of summer, so the pool is cold. While I'm in the pool, it feels like I don't have a pregnant belly and it takes 100% of the pressure off. The pain/swelling also goes away almost completely for most of the day and doesn't come back until around 8 pm. Also, I swim a few laps while I'm in there, which gets my blood circulating and gives me a little exercise as I stopped my work out routine b/c it was making my problem much worse. Hope this helps!



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