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Robyn - April 25

Still spotting but barely. No cramping though so all is well. Thats right steph I remember. The exact same thing. I knew it was someone in here I just didnt remember who...anyways ladies I am outta here. GL Jess! Keep us posted. Thanks for the input steph! By ladies until tomarrow.


jess - April 25

called the dr...am going in tomorrow am....kinda scared now, but am to stay off my feet and relax-soo stressful......arg.......thanks gals........what was the brittany thing steph???


penny - April 25

Jess keep us posted!!!


Stephanie - April 25

Ya I was having that brown discharge and then if that was scary enough all of a sudden it was red! You both and Penny convinced me to call my Dr so I did. They saw me I think that same day or next day but anyways Dr. told me the same thing.....If its not flowing to where it soaks up a pad an hour or clotting that its very natural. I was like Huh I'm ok?? You mean the baby is fine?? But ya everything was good. I even got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! Yay Me!!! On the good side right after I spotted red it disappeared and suprisingly so did the discharge and now everything is normal. I have'nt eve thought about it but its true I don't even cramp anymore. I do feel growing pains and if I have to poop or pee really bad I will cramp and feel uncomfortable. Also if I over eat I feel very weighed down. I swear I cant even feel myself filling up anymore and then I'll be like I need to stop eating and then like an hour later I'll feel that weighed down feeling! Wow I just went on and on did'nt I?? Hey by the way how much are you actually bleeding??


Steph - April 25

You did'nt hear that big-ol-thing about britany going to the hospital?? Thats when the news broke with her being El-Preggo! Anyways the stories go like this........She was freaking out because she too had v____al bleeding which turned out to be fetal implantation. Walla- Britany is prego


Steph-Cont - April 25

Woops implantation bleeding


jess - April 25

ooh steph io love you....................you've put my mind at ease..........somewhat.......lol......no i'm barely bleeding...a bit yesterday...brownish, just like 1 spot in the gaunch....then this am it was bright red...when i wiped..........nothing since...........mild cramping, but it feels the same as streching cramps.........how long did yours last?? you are a bit further alomg the me, right? im 15 weeks tomorrow.....no i missed that part of the brittany thing...too funny...shes a spazz like me...lol.......when does implantation bleeding happen?


Stephanie - April 25

Its different for everyone but its said to happen around the beginning of 2nd trimester. mine was at 12 or 13 weeks I can't remember. Congradulations!!! :o) I'm gettin ready to go home but I will be back tomorrow.


Misty - April 25

Hey, I just woke up **sheepish grin**. I was soo tired. Had to have a nap. Probably missed you all for the rest of the day. Thats o.k. though, I went out and got some KFC. Kountry Fried Critter. I'll sit here and eat it all by my lonesome. :-)



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