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krissy79 - June 6

Anyone else go as far as 22 weeks or so before any real noticeable movements?


AmyF - June 6

Sorry, I've been feeling the little guy since about 15-20 weeks. I feel him a TON this week and I'm 20 w5d


AmyF - June 6

I feel him the most lying still on my side when I'm ready to go to sleep. My pregnancy pillow helps me feel him more since I tuck it under my belly too. :) Try doing that and see if it helps


angelanicole22 - June 6

Krissy79, I have just started to fell my little one move and i am almost 22w. Last week I think i felt him/her move but sometimes i am not sure what it feels like. I think i know now!


carol23 - June 6

My lil guy has been moving since 15 weeks. Remember that everyone's different though. MY lil guy is also VERY active. It's making me crazy! I'll be 28 weeks on Friday. He squirms now more than anything. Not that many hard kicks anymore. Trust me...... you'll feel him moving soon. As he gets stronger and stronger, it will hurt! Wait till he gets into your ribs!! ouch!


Ashleyg - June 6

i didnt start to feel any movement until i was almost 22weeks...once i started to feel him, it has been getting stronger and more frequent. you should feel something soon! be careful what you wish for though...i was constantly complaining because i couldnt feel the baby move, now i cant get him to sit still!!!


flower.momma - June 6

I've heard that the position of your placenta can interfere with feeling your baby's movements. My cousin's placenta was right on the front of her uterus, just behind her belly-b___ton, and it was making it impossble for her to feel anything until about 5 months along.


venus_in_scorpio - June 6

I am 16 weeks and 1 day. I feel nothing... my doctor said my placenta is in the front and I wont feel anything until 22-24 weeks. do you know where your placenta is? if youve had an u/s they can tell you. :O)


HannahBaby - June 6

my placenta is in front as well. I felt definate kicks with hannah at 19 weeks and now am just starting to feel definate kicks and im almost 22 weeks


SuzieQ - June 7

Baby's position makes a huge difference too. I know when my baby is facing forward, I can see big kicks! Then there's those "inside" kicks, where I can't see movement and they feel lighter. I'm sure that will change in a few more weeks though :) I'm 23wks btw


Neets - June 7

Hi Krissy. I'm 20wk 4d and I'm yet to feel my baby move yet. I'm not worried, just impatient to feel it move :-)


CaliTrish - June 9

I'm right there with you - 22w6d and nadda. Some times I think I feel a little "thump", but then nothing. They did tell me that I have an anterior placenta (up front) and it would take a little longer before I felt movement. Course, they didn't really define "longer". Don't worry, pretty soon we'll be complaining that are little beans are kicking too much.



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