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kendall - November 6

in dec i had a m/c and i think it was cause i blacked out.i'm not 25 weeks and i just blacked out( vision went dark, sweating but feeling cold) i'm afraid that if i black out the baby's not getting enough oxygen. anyone else experience this???


kendall - November 6

i meant now 25 weeks, sorry


Christi - November 6

kendall, I have not experienced any blackouts... but a very close friend of mine has epilepsy. She gave birth 6 months ago to a perfectly healthy little girl. Because of her epilepsy... she had frequent blackouts while she was pregnant but it had no affect on her baby... I think you should be fine... maybe you should call the doctor to be sure?


kendall - November 6

thanks christi i will call the doc tomorrow but for now i just want to feel her river dance again


B - November 6

I am sorry to hear your story. Do you have any tricks to get her to move around? Ice cream usually gets my little guy moving. If you felt her move around you would probally feel better.


kendall - November 6

i did feel her move but only a little i was poking her, i drank cold water and ate just a minute ago so hopefully she'll get going when the sugars get to her


Melissa - November 6

Hi Kendall, I would definitely call your doctor. However, in my experience and according to my OB blacking out is very common in pregnancy. I have blacked out at least once a week throughout my pregnancy due to low blood pressure or low blood sugar. The advise I received from my OB is to ensure that I eat lots of small meals to keep up my blood sugar level. I hope all goes well, please keep us posted.


kendall - November 13

thank you all i went to the doc on friday and everything is ok she is riverdancing again and her h/b is 150


Christi - November 13

I am so glad to hear that everything is good Kendall!!! Take care of yourself and that baby!!!



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