HELP I Need A Baby Name

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Alison - April 12

I just found out the other day that we are going to be having a baby girl.. We have been throwing several names around but still can't come up with one we like. I would love to hear your thoughts and names.


M.C - April 12

my little girl is mackenzi rhiann i also like macy,lane,mckinley,regan good luck


Alison - April 12

Thank you so much for all those wonderful names... I really love the name macy


nm - April 13

I am having the same problem, I found out on Friday that I am having a girl.


crystal - April 14

I like mariah,amya,jordan


citrouille - April 14

Alexia, Shayla, Elisa, Alyssa, I'm sure I could think of more, but that's what comes to mind right now..


Eire - April 14

I'm from Ireland and really love Irish names... some names for girls I like are Aoife, (pronounced Eefa), Aisling, (pronounced Ashling), Cara, Maebh, (pronounced Mave), Niamh, (pronounced Neev), Orlaith, (pronounced Orla), Saoirse, (pronounced Seersha... means freedom).... you might not like any of them because they are very Irish... but they're some of my favourites..


AMANDA - April 14

my girl is going to be Josephine Elizabeth, never even had to think about it, but other name i saw and liked were Kyla, Keely, Madison....


chrissy - April 18

I had the name Jasmyn Claire picked out as a girl name but we just found out we are having a boy!!!


Sarah Anne - April 18

I think Sharon Rose is a pretty name(though I wouldnt name my baby that, its my sisters name). Here are a few name id name my baby girl if thats what im having. Haley Grace- Leah Grace. Too Amanda, I like the name Keely, too! I think Kyla is a pretty name.. how would Kyle Grace sound, though?


C - April 19

My little girl is 2 and we named her Megan Jewel....we love it....her older sister is Teagan Amberly....we also like the name Angel when we were deciding for Megan....good luck!


Tarah - April 19

We're naming our girl Haylee Renee! Good luck on finding a name!


jenny - April 19

i like the name darien


Brittany - April 19

Not sure what we're having yet but if it's a girl my husband picked the name Selene Elizabeth. he had that picked before i even got pregnant.


stacey - April 20

my husband and I had Sarah Mackenzie picked out years before I even became pregnant. We also like, Anna Grace, Emilee Grace, and Morgan Ayllsa.


JC - April 20

I just found out I was having a boy, so our girl names are up for consideration..Ryann, Hayden, Alexa and Maya


bec - April 20

i like the name amber for a girl



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