HELP Am I Starting To Look Preggo

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LoLo - May 11

I just had someone for the first time say "Oh, you're starting to show".... and so I asked around and sure enough, others have noticed too.. Ok, so I'm 5 months preggo and I know it's bound to happen, but why is it devistating when someone tells you that???


Julie - May 11

Probably because you feel fat. With my first pregnancy I embraced the pounds! All 50 of them! Then I look at pictures after I delivered and boy was I big! I didn't fit into my clothes for 6 months! This time around I am not as happy! I have only gained 10 lbs. and am 18 weeks and feel like a whale. For some reason this time around I am not as excited about being fat?


LoLo - May 11

The things is, this is my first, and I have only gained 3 pounds so far, my doctor said that it's not a big deal right now, being 20 weeks and only 3 pounds, but I have had to buy bigger clothes cause things are getting really tight!! I know it's going to happen but I didn't think it was going to be so hard to hear :)


~S~ - May 11

I actually like it when people tell me I'm starting to show, because I'm tired of just feeling fat and thinking I just look fat. So when people say "Ohhh you're starting show" it then rea__surs me that I don't look FAT, I look pregnant :) Although, I'm not that big yet, I'm 6 months and I've only gained 6lbs. I actually gained a total of 12 since pre-pregnancy, but I ended up losing 6lbs this month. I just got back from a dr. appointment and everything is okay, thank god!


LoLo - May 11

S~ That's a good way of thinking about it. At least they say "I'm showing" not "looks like you've put on some weight" He he So you've only gained 6 puonds so far and you're six months. I was kinda worried that I had only gained 3 pounds the first 4 months but I guess that's ok. Does that just mean that the baby is taking most of the weight? Cause I eat like it's going out of style!


chrissy - May 11

LoLo: Hi I only gained 5 lbs in the 1st 5 months and then at my 6 months appt i gained 5 more lbs...just wait..some more lbs are coming your way.


Audrea - May 11

I have also been told that I look like I am showing, but I don't see it. I am almost 5 months and have only gained 3 pounds also. My clothes are too tight in the tummy, although I can still b___ton them but I don't like tight clothes, especially around my tummy. I like to wear loose clothes so I unb___ton my jeans or put a rubberband around the b___ton. I feel too silly wearing maternity clothes, as if I am trying to hard to look pregnant. I just feel fatter, but would like to hear that I am starting to show rather than, "have you gained weight" like my mother likes to say.


Julie - May 12

Some people can also be so rude my mother in law always mentions that with my son I got so big all over she'll say I can't believe how big your little arms got. I am normally 5'2" and 100 lbs. so yeah my arms did get big like everything else!


LoLo - May 12

I bought my first pair of maternity pants yesterday. The are pretty comfy I have to say. They b___ton in the front like normal pants but then have the elastic band in the back. My tummy is happy today :) I've had to buy some maternity shirts for work only becuae my normal shirts are a little tight so I had a choice, show fat or cover it up and look more "preggo". I figured covering up would probably be the best things for others around me :) So I had to buy a bigger bra too... ok whats the deal with the fat in the back sticking out of my bra.... where did that come from?!? There may come a time when I stop looking at the back of me in the mirror :)


~S~ - May 12

Hahah..LoLo, you're so funny. Just you wait, you'll begin to see fat in places you never knew was possible to get fat! hahah. Sorry, don't mean to scare you. The first thing I started to notice, besides my belly, was my thighs! Ugh, I hate them, they're sooooooooooo big! I've only gained 6lbs but I look and feel like I've gained at least a min of 20. I guess it is all the pregnancy weight. As for maternity clothes, don't buy to much. I've noticed that they're quite expensive and you'll only use them for a short period of time. Like I said, I'm 6 months and I've only bought 1 actual maternity top. I'm trying to stay out of maternity clothes for as long as I can. Instead I've opted out to buy Large baby doll summer tops and dresses and I've bought a few skirts that are stretchy around the belly. I don't wnat to spend too much $$ on clothes that I won't make much use of afterwards. =o)


Tasha - May 12

I have been showing since 12 weeks! I am 24 weeks now and you ought to see me. I look like I am 7 or 8 months!(could be b/c I am have gained almost 30 lbs. already - lol) It doesn't bother me though. I love the thought of that tiny baby in there!


crystal - May 12

I know what your feeling. People just start telling me that i'm showing(19 weeks) and I have mixed feelings. On one hand i'm happy i'm showing and my baby's getting bigger and almost here, but on the other hand I feel like i'm getting fat and i'm going not going to be cute anymore b/c i'm goig to outgrow my clothes soon. I think i'm going to be as big as a house, but I guess it's just apart of being pregnant.



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