Help I M Gaining Weight Too Quickly

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bubbasmom - March 6

Hi ladies. I am 21 weeks today and have already gained 20 pounds. But, as of about 3-4 weeks ago, I had only gained 12 pounds so my weight gain has increased pretty significantly lately. I always weigh myself when I turn another week pregnant, and last week I had only gained 17 pounds. So, I've gained 3 pounds in one week and I'm only halfway through. I eat pretty well (a few servings of fruit and veggies a day), don't eat a lot of sweets, and drink lots of water. Any suggestions on how to slow down the weight gain? I gained 50 with my son and am hoping to only gain 35 this time around (which really means I'll probably gain 40, but I'm shooting for 35) Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Precious - March 6

no offense but what are you doing to gain so much.. im trying to gain at least 5 pounds because for next visit because since i got preggo i've havent gain anything. i lost about 25 pounds.. n then i gain 5 during pregnancy but they r gone agaian.. so doc said t gain.. but HOW! lol im sorry i am no help.. i just wanna know how preggo's r gaining weight.. cuz i havent been able 2


preggosauce - March 6

I honestly believe that weight gain during pregnancy may have something to do wtih genetics. Maybe not in all women (because some see pregnancy as a free pa__s and just go food crazy!) I have a friend who seriously ate "normal" during her pregnancy, had the cravings and all and only gained 8 pounds! Then, she ended up having an 8 pound baby!! That was her 2nd pregnancy and she said her first was the exact same. With my first pregnancy I gained over 50 pounds, and I knew I wasn't eating as well as I could have been. This time around I vowed I would only gain 25 pounds. HAHA, it looks like it will be more. I'm only 19 weeks and have gained 12 pounds. I've been trying to eat small frequent, healthier meals, but it doesn't seem to slow down my weight gain. My mom also gained about 50 pounds with both her pregnancies. I believe if you are eating healthy, and drinking your water, and your baby is healthy, In the end thats all that matters no matter how much weight you do or don't gain. It just stinks for those of us that gain a lot because it sure is a lot of work to get it all off after the baby is born! The only suggestion I can make is maybe exercise? I'm not one to talk because I exercised 4 days a week before pregnancy and now I'm lucky if I go out walking once a week. ...but, it would probably help!


bean - March 6

I agree with the genetics response. I've often heard that no matter what, you'll gain the same amount the second (or third or whatever) time around as you did the first. Gaining 3 lbs in one week is no big deal. It just means the baby had a growth spurt! Your body could decide that this week you're retaining water, or whatever else. Don't worry about it. I'm only 17 weeks and I've already gained about 14 lbs, but with #1 I gained a total of 43, so I know that's probably what I'm in for. I keep figuring come warmer weather I won't be as hungry, will get outside and exercise more, etc. And of course, what really matters is at what weight you started out and how much you lost after #1. If you're relatively thin and did ok getting rid of baby weight, then who cares! But if you're doing everything right, walking, eating well, there's not much else you can do. You certainly can't starve yourself!


forevermissed - March 6

I will probably be right there with you. I have already gained 10 pounds and I am only 16 weeks. Not due till Aug. 16th. I gained 50 pounds with my son too. I was hoping not to gain as much but I don't think that is going to happen. Not so good when my frame is so little. I am only 5'2 and started out at 102 pounds. I am hoping that doesn't happen this time around. It was painful last time. But, I am making good choices in my eating. So, if you figure it out let me know. Good luck!!!


DDT - March 6

I think all you can try to do is to eat as healthy as possible. Snack throughout the day rather than consuming a couple of big meals. Personally with my 1st pregnancy I gained 35lbs and now with my 2nd pregnancy (currently 27wks) I have only gained 8lbs. Mind you...I still had 10lbs to lose from my 1st.


fefer1 - March 6

wow - I gained 60 pounds with my dd - and lost all but about 5 pounds. Now, at 27 weeks I'm up 30 pounds. I don't feel like I eat that crazy either. My sister gained 50 with her first and not as much with the next who knows what will happen, really. I'm hoping to not gain as much because it was really uncomfortable - I started at 120 and ended up at 180ish with my first. Ialso went through a really hot summer and had a lot of water retention. I did have one friend gain only 20 pounds and she was a stick before - couldn't believe it. Her baby was bigger than mine too. :) Just eat as good as you can -that's about all you can do. Oh, I also was very active with my first - as much as physically possible with that much weight! :)


llukenjess - March 7

I gained 11 punds in the first trimester is that too much???


treshala - March 7

First off...let me rea__sure you that EVERY WOMAN is different during there pregnancy. So you really dont have to worry about that. you may be gaining quickly now BUT you could stop gaining later. you may even lose. They tell you NOT to try to lose weight while you are pregnant...but if you are really concerned you can watch your diet and try to increase intake of veggies and fruits and WATER WATER WATER. can walk...infact is even suggested. And also...are you planning on b___stfeeding?? If so...BFing is suppose to help get off any extra baby weight...:-) Dont be discouraged. hope i helped some


bubbasmom - March 7

Hi everyone, I think I will just focus on eating healthy and drinking lots of water and try to focus less on my weight gain. I just afraid it will take another year to lose the weight like it did with my son. I fully intend on walking if spring ever comes (I live in New England) so hopefully that will help some.


LinsTwin - March 11

Good luck, Bubbasmom. All you can really do is take the healthiest approach and hope for the best. With my ds, I ate very well, lots of fruits & veggies, ran most of the way through my pregnancy, ran a half-marathon at 7 wks and a full marathon (26.2 miles) at 14 wks... and I still managed to gain 47 lbs! I even gained 6 lbs the month I ran the marathon. I'm just convinced that your body's gonna do what it's gonna do. And I would venture to guess that the smaller you are to begin with, the more likely you are to gain more. Though there are clearly exceptions. A friend of mine who was pregnant while I was started out at 5'3" and 105 lbs and only gained 14 lbs overall. She was still wearing her non-maternity size 0 pants at the end, just unb___toned, whereas I had gone from a 2 regular to an 8 maternity. Just something we've gotta do for our little boos!



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