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estee - December 10

hi there, i have a job interview tomorrow and i am kind of nervous! the "problem" is my belly... i am exactly 19 w today and i am already showing, it's little but i'm skinny and i have to wear maternity shirts since about 1 week. do you think, that i might not get the job because i'm pregnant? can they reject me because of that or is that discrimination? i know, that i am only able to work about 4 1/2 more months, but i had to wait for my working permit for so long and thus lost a lot of time. i'll definitely go and buy myself a nice new outfit this afternoon! :) thanks in advance for your opinions / experiences!


K - December 10

it is discrimination if they reject you because your pregnant.


estee - December 10

what should i do?


E - December 10

I would hope that you would plan to disclose your pregnancy at this point anyhow. Employers will expect you to be honest with them given that you will need time off. I am not sure there is much you can do but hope that they are a decent company and do not discriminate against you. Best wishes and let us know how it goes!! Some advice I can give to you is to act like this is not a disability or embarrasment to you. Some women go to interviews while pregnant and feel ashamed, like they have no business applying for jobs while pregnant. That is not the case so hold your head high, feel confident and mention it when the time is right. If they feel that you are strong and honest, they may choose you for that reason over the non-pregos.


estee - December 11

thanks E, that is pretty much what i am planning on doing, hiding it is impossible - i tried to find shirts which "hide" the belly a little, but it doesn't work, because my belly stands out further than my b___sts by now, and it is very obvious that i am pregnant... but my husband really calmed me down tonight, telling me that if this job doesn't work out, then that's not the end of the world (he's so concerned that i get into to much stress - he's so sweet!) anyways, i'll have my interview tomorrow at 10:15 and the fact, that i am well qualified cools me down also. afterall, it's just a job, right? :) i'll let you know what's going on, thanks again.



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