HELP Very Bad Skin Dilemma

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Rissa - May 25

I have always had pretty flawless skin, the first trimester wasn't even too bad but at 4 months 1 wk my skn is starting to break out and look HORRIBLE! I drink lots of water and I don't eat too much sugar/junk food, but I'm FEELING so insecure about this BAD skin PROBLEM! Anyone facing similiar problems, is it only this bad in 1st trimester- should I expect it to get worse? Does this mean I'm having a girl?


Audrea - May 25

I too have never had skin problems ever. I have had many pimples though now that I am pregnant. It was worse the first trimester though. I do still have a little bit of breakouts every now and then and I am now 20 weeks. I was wondering to what happened to the pregnancy glow? I thought you were supposed to look beautiful during pregnancy, not all broken out with bumps all over your face. My breakouts are just little bumps, the kind you get with a heat rash, really weird.


Ranya - May 26

I have the same on my forehead, but I think it's more obvious to us than others. Everyone keeps telling me how nice I look and that I'm glowing. I'm gonna choose to believe them :p Oh, and I always wear lipstick now to attract people's looks away from the affected area!


Julie - May 26

With both my pregnancies I have had bad breakouts especially on my back and nothing seems to help! I have a son and am having another boy so I don't think acne has anything to do with gender. With my first pregnancy the acne went away right after delivery.


ca__sandra c. - May 26

i had the same problem starting about 2 weeks ago. I am now like 14.5 weeks. Anyways like you I never really had skin problems so I didnt' really know how to treat it. here is what I did: I went to KMART and bought OLAY DAILY FACIALS CLARITY (in purpley bottles) daily gentle scrub and toner. I bought a heavy moisturizing cream but you could probably use whatever to moisturize. Just make sure you DO moisturize b/c the active ingredient is salicylic acid so that can be pretty drying. Anyways I've been using it for 2 weeks and have noticed MAJOR changes. It really is great stuff.


ekay - May 26

ca__sandra, you might want to check with your doctor because I heard salicylic acid is not advised in pregnancy.


chel - May 26

Yes, check with your doctor. Saclylic acid is not approved for use during pregnancy. Anything containing benzol peroxide is okay though.


Eva- 9w - May 26

Saclylic acid is not ok?? Didn't know that. I have very mild acne but my boyfried has very nice and clear skin.... since I got pregnant... he's seems to have one or two pimples on his face that never go away!!!! Has this happened to any of your guys partners?


Jessica - May 26

Eva-9 : My husband also has always had beautiful skin and has been breaking out a little around his mouth and chin it is so wierd! I however have had bad acne my whole life and recently found out Salycic acid was Bad to use during pregnancy so I've turned back to Benzoyl Peroxide. A good skin cleaning regimen is light facial cleanser, i use clean and clear. A facial exfoliator with microbeads to reduce irritation st. ives apricot scrub isn't good cause the little exfoliating beads are large and jagged. The best i've seen is the Aveeno brand with microbeads, pure 10% benzoyl peroxide, and of course an oiless moisturizer. I use oil of olay make sure to read all ingredients cause not all bottles will clearly state the active ingredients


Julie - May 26

Oh also it is not that Salicylic acid is bad for pregnancy there hasn't been enough testing done and the same goes for benzoyl peroxide. If you want to talk to your doc about it.


ca__sandra c. - May 26

there have been no tests done whatsoever on humans on whether salicylic acid is harmful to a developing fetus. Studies have shown, however that when a lab animal INJESTS 30 times the recommended usage they experience birth defects. Benzoyl Peroxide is NOT advised. I did check with my doctor first. She said it was fine to use on a regular basis.


Jessica - May 27

Are there safer acne medications for women of childbearing age? Most women who are bothered by acne do not have severe nodular acne, and their skin problems often will respond to safe topical (applied to the skin) or oral medications. Topical preparations of the antibiotics erythromycin or clindamycin are safe choices even during pregnancy, as is benzoyl peroxide, an antibacterial agent that also dries the skin. If topical preparations do not clear the skin, a woman’s doctor may recommend oral treatment with antibiotics such as erythromycin, which has not been a__sociated with birth defects, or, if she is not planning pregnancy, with oral contraceptives (oral contraceptives should not be used during pregnancy). There also are topical retinoids that are used to treat acne. While these medications are far safer than oral retinoids during pregnancy — especially if used without an occlusive dressing — it’s best to avoid them during pregnancy (see below) because the drug may be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. This was copied from the march of dimes website if you want to read further about it visit


Julie - May 28

My advice is that it is probably safe to use anything over the counter but I didn't use anything but soap until my second trimester.



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