Help Get Bad Headaches Have A Q About Medication

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Alison - April 12

Hello everyone, Im almost 21 weeks pregnant and have very bad headaches everyday.My Ob doctor prescribes vicodin to take. He said just don't overuse it. Does anybody out there have this same problem or similar problem.Is it really safe to take vicodin during pregnancy?


D - April 12

I suggest checking it out on It is a Catagory B drug, and my doctor told me that Catagory B's are ok.... Can you ask a pharmacist? I think I would...


Jbear - April 13

Yes, it's safe. I would be very careful with it though, because you can become addicted to it. Has your doctor ruled out blood pressure problems as a cause of your headaches? And have you tried using an icepack to relieve some of the pain? I get headaches almost constantly, but most of the time I use tylenol and an ice pack. Occasionally, I have a headache so bad that I'm vomiting and seeing black spots. I have a prescription for Fioricet that I take for those headaches. Just out of curiosity, did you have menstrual migraines before pregnancy? I did, and I think that's why my headaches are so bad.


Alison - April 13

To Jbear...First off thank you for responding... I was in a very very bad car accident in 1988, and my face went through the windshield, and I hurt my neck...Before my accident I have never had a headache before, and after that accident I have been getting them ever since.It really drives me crazy because I don't know what to do for them. The doctors say they are tension headaches. There have been times where I have had migrains, but not very often. I have tried everything under the sun, I have tried heat packs, cold packs, soaking in warm baths, ma__sages, I have even tried a diet change, excercizes that my doctor told me to do, laying in a dark quiet room. I have been to a chiropractor, I have had minipulations done, physical therapy. I have tried numerous types of drugs...nothing seems to really help. I have noticed that everytime I get pregnant, they seem to get worse. gosh just talking about this gives me a Im going NUTS


B - April 13

I would not take vicodin, I was told to only take Tylenol. Vicodin is a little strong for an adult so I would be very particular in giving that to your baby. I would take tylenol, get in a quiet nice dark place and put a warm towel on your head and just relax.



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