HELP HELP I Need Help From People Who Are Already Moms

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Beth - April 22

Ok I know this is a pregnancy board, and I am pregnant, but with my first, however I have three step children at home from my fiance. They have had little colds before here and there but nothing like this. My 5 year old woke up crying this morning at 2am because he said he ear hurt. Yesterday afternoon he had told me his throat hurt, but just a little sore throat I didn't think that much of it and gave him a little medicine. Well this morning when he woke up and told me his ear hurt I pushed on it and asked him if it hurt then, he said no I asked him if the other one hurt and he said no, I asked when it did hurt and he said when he swallows. Is this a sign of a ear infection? I have looked up symptoms and they all say hard to sleep and so forth, which when I put him in bed with us he tossed and turned for an hour and a half, but none say hurting while swallowing!!


D - April 22

what about tonsillitis? When I've had tonsillitis, my ears have hurt too - some nerves from the throat run up to the ears. Are his tonsils inflamed?


Beth - April 22

Unfortunetly because I have never dealt with this with a child (I know when my throat hurts what to look for) but it was 2am this morning and I was half awake concerned about what he said hurt so I didn't check the throat :0(, I had also heard fever, and I didn't check for it, I feel horrible now. I touched his ear and did not even think if it was hot or not. I will have his dad check his throat when he wakes up but I think I am taking him to the dr anyways before the weekend and we have to wait until Monday. Thank you for the help though, it is something we will check!!


lisa - April 22

all i my boys have had that with ear infections...could be fluid on the ears. mine do when i swallow when they are infected. good luck hope he gets better soon.


Beth - April 22

Thanks Lisa, and I know fluid on the ears is not a good thing.


jen - April 23

probably a ear infection or throat he should get on some antibiotics.



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