Help I Am Confused And Will Cry If I Dont Get Answers

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Help wanted - June 1

Ok, I had s_x on March 3rd, and I didn't miss my period, but I started on the 16th of March. The doctor is basing the start of my pregnancy on the 16th(when I was supposed to miss my period). The doc said since I got pregnant on the 16th that I would be about 14 weeks now. I looked at a pregnancy wheel on the computer and the only way I could be 14 weeks ...less/more would be that I got pregnant on the 8th of March. Can anyone please explain this? I wanna cry on how confused I feel right now!!!!


amanda.d - June 1

A doctor can be out by two weeks, a week before or a week after, if that makes sense. So you most likely got pregnant on the 3rd...good luck.


Misty - June 1

That actually makes no sense at all. Don't worry you aren't going nuts. It is silly for him to base the pregnancy from the 16th if he is saying you concieved around the 8th. It makes no sense whatsoever. But no worries. Not many things in pregnancy do make sense. :-) The first time you go for an ultrasound it will measure the babies arms and legs and organs to see how far along you are based on measurements, so that should tell you for sure how far along you are. Then just subtract that by two weeks (because pregnancy is really only 38 weeks) and that is when you concieved. I don't know why they do it that way. But for whatever reason the date you concieve is not what they go off of to date you. You need to go forward two weeks to get the date of conception. Hope I didn't just confuse you more. What I wrote probably just makes sense to me because my doctor explained it to me. it is some funky stuff when it comes to pregnancy. Good luck though, and happy pregnancy.


help wanted - June 1

I am very confused now, lol. I feel better though! I am hoping that someone will be able to explain it a little better to me ...though I did kinda understand what you were saying Misty! I hope to get an ultrasound real soon, too!


C - June 1

Conception dates are never right because I had a conception date was 6 days off with my first child and How I know is because I didn't have s_x then


C - June 1

Also that probaly will mean you will deliver earlier than your due date and good posibillity it will be a girl.


Wanda - June 1

It sounds like your last period started on March 16, so doctors actually date the pregnancy from that date, which is the LMP, two weeks before you conceive. It can be confusing because he will say you are 12 weeks along, but your baby is only 10 weeks old. Make sense? So, unless you had a period when you were pregnant, you probably got pregnant around 14 days after your period started, on March 16, which means you probably got pregnant around March 30.


Aisha - June 2

Sperm can live in the body up to 5 days after ejaculation. You may have had intercourse on the 3rd but the egg was fertilized on the 8th. That could be why you have the 8th as a date and the 14th wouldnt be too far off. No ones the same anyways.The thing is that they usually base pregnancy on the date of the last menstrual period(LMP) So I think your confused...your dr isnt saying you conceived on the 16th but thats the last known LMP So based on your doctors calculations.. you got pregnant AFTER the 16th on the 14th day of your cycle which would have been the 30th March IF you have a regular 28 day cycle. Do you follow Me? If you didnt have s_x after the 3rd and you are pregnant then you would have conceived on the 16th/17th which means that you got pregnant at the beginning of your cycle which makes no d__n sense. O Lordy Im so what kind of period did you have..was it light?


Audrea - June 2

There is no way you could be 14 weeks going by that date(March 16). If you did go by that date you would not be 14 weeks until June 22. By that date you would be right around 11 weeks. Why is the doctor going by that date if you had your period? Did you have a positive test or blood test at that time? Just curious as to why he is using that date. Did you not have s_x after the 16th in March like two later? If you did then your dates are way off. You need to talk to your doctor some more and tell him you don't understand where he is getting his dates from.


Help wanted - June 2

I did not have s_x after or before the 3rd of march. My period was only 3 days long, which it is never like that! I am starting to show now, and everything. - Aisha, so if I got pregnant on the 16th, but the egg was fertilized on the 8th, wouldnt that mean my pregnancy started on the 8th???


Help wanted - June 2

by the way, I got a lot of positive hpt, and one negitive at the doctors. I think the reason is was because they didnt wait long enough. sometimes they always take a little longer is what the doctor told me.


Jenn - June 2

Who knows if the doctors are right or not. Mine was off, too! I am pregnant with my second child, and I feel that the date is off again! They say I am 20 weeks, but I could swear that I am at least 24 weeks!


Penny - June 6

Its so normal to be confused on that subject!!



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