Help My Son Will Be Devastated

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mama keya - October 7

Okay I'm Pregnant with baby #4, and my kids age and s_x is 9 girl, 6 boy, and 3 girl. Well before I became pregnant with this pregnancy, my son would say quite frequently " That he needed a brother because his older sister has a sister" Well when I became pregnant he was so excited he said he would finally get a brother, then he said his teacher told him if you really wish for something you just may get it. So I asked him a couple weeks ago that I could have a girl and asked him I would he feel he said he would be really mad and that he would want to give her to my sister to have. Well I had a dream I delivered a girl and when I looked at my son and told him It's A Girl he started crying and yelling she was supose to be a boy. And in my dream I was trying to get to him but I couldn't. That's when I woke up. Well anyway I need suggestions on how to tell my 6yr old son that we could have a girl. And ways to help him cope with the idea that he may be the only boy. Any suggestions are welcomed, Thanks in Advance Keya


jennifer_33106 - October 7

You couls enlighten him on the fact that he is going to be the protector! Maybe tell him that his little sister is gonna depend on him just the way a brother would. And also!!! Girls like to climb trees and play cops and robbers as well. Also it may help if he has plenty of intercaction with his daddy that way he gets to do guy things with a guy. I wish I could be more help though. I am sure you are gonna get some good responses!


mama keya - October 7

Thanks Jennifer I suggested the more time with dad thing with his Dad they are going to try what they call Mans Day I think once a week or bi-weekly.


pomny143 - October 7

I am having the same issue with my eight year old son. He desperately wants a brother but I am convinced (mommy ESP) that its a girl. I have told him that either way, he will be able to teach his sibling, boy or girl, the same stuff. Video games, baseball, and bike riding are not just for boys anymore. LOL. I'm sure that we will both find that once the baby comes, they will be so happy that they wont care after a while. Please when you find out what you are having, let us know. I will do the same. Good Luck. P.S The "Mans Day" is a great idea!


mama keya - October 7

Hey Pomny I hope if its a girl he will be okay. Well KIT and we'll see how this turns out for the both of us.


cynthia502 - October 11

Hey mama keya - I am on #4 as well. 13 yr old son, 10 yr old daughter, and 23 month old son. When I was pregnant with #3, my daughter really wanted a girl...but my precious Justin was born. When I called to tell her she had a baby brother, she kept saying, "no, it's a boy, no, it's a boy..." but as soon as she saw it she fell in love and not one day of problems. Now, this time around, she wants me to have a boy again (we aren't going to find out), so she can be my "one and only girl". Maybe you can go that route with your son. That he will be the "only boy" and will be the only one to be able to have that t_tle.


mama keya - October 11

Thanks Cynthia that was so comforting, I think it just might work. So how did you feel at the moment your daughter found out about her brother. Oh and we are not finding out the s_x this time either.


cynthia502 - October 11

I was immediately stressed but had to laugh, when I got flowers delivered from the kids and my older sons card read "Justin - YOU'RE A BOY!!!" It was a short-lived panic, and they were waiting for me at home when I got in from the hospital and like I said, one look and she wanted to play mama too!!! It should be fine. :-)


mama keya - October 13

Cynthia I hope so, I 'm hopping he will be fine either way. And if not maybe like you said he'll come around. I pray when we find out there will be no negative reactions cause that would tear me up. Thanks for all the advice ladies you girls rock


sqeekers - October 16

I wouldn't worry too much, kids have a way of surprising you. My DD is almost 9 months, and I have a 14 yo boy, a 9 yo boy, and a 7 yo boy. When we told them last year that we were having another baby they were excited. My 7 yo however said it had to be another boy, he didn't want a sister ever, and if it was a girl he wanted to trade it for a puppy. When we found out it was going to be a girl I was really worried about how he would take it. After a few weeks he was more excited about it than we were. We are expecting again, and when we told the boys that this one was going to be a boy we expected them to be excited. My 7 yo was disappointed, he said he wanted another sister because our DD is so great. Just wait to see what your having then talk to him, you never know.


mama keya - October 16

Thanks sqeekers


tish212 - October 18

I am only pregnant with my first by my little brother in law always told his mom (my mil) that he only wanted brothers now (she does fostercare and adoption) but honeslty over the years he has taken more to the little girls then the little boys...he like the idea that he is "the man" or "protector" and he takes those t_tles very seriously, and as mentioned earlier girls enjoy playing "boy" games like playing in the dirt...and such. I am sure ur son will be excited either way..and if its a girl he gets to "watch over" her... and you'll see the "protector" come out in him as he gets older... gl and congrats! either way ur very blessed....


sahm2alaj - October 18

I am pg with my 3rd and my oldest is a girl (8).. well when i was pg last time she was in the room when we were finding out the gender and when the tech announced 'its a boy' she yelled out "But i prayed for a girl!!!!" She didn't speak to me or her Dad for hours. The same day we went shopping and she picked things for her brother and she adores him now. With this pg she thought for SURE it would be a girl, well it's not and when i found out i was contemplating telling her. I explained to her that she is the princess of the house and she will never have to share her girly things. She is okay with it now... and doesn't even want me to TRY for a girl next!


mama keya - October 18

Hello ladies, Tish I'm not going to find out till birth but if it is a girl, I'm going to really push the whole protecter, or "The Man" thing. Thanks sahm2alaj did you feel guilty when your DD reacted as she did I know we shouldn't but I think it would really get to me. I would be fine with an boy or a girl but for my sons sake I really hope its a boy.



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