Help Needed With Gestational Diabetes

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mommaminchey - June 13

Hi ladies. I am needing to find someone who has gestational diabetes... I was just told I have it. But the class they want me to take is $1275 to learn how to eat and what to do. Is there anyone on here who could help me. I can't afford to pay what my ins. won't cover. I have founf some info online of what to eat and not eat but any extra info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Juliesigns - June 16

I found a few really good books on this topic at my public library. Good luck!


Trinityjae - June 24

Hello. I also had Gestational Diabetes. I am also one of the few who had it go away after birth and return less than a year later. My obgyn sent me to a high risk doctor. I am on the low end of high risk but my dr wanted to cover all of her bases. They gave me a strict diet plan that allowed me to pick and choose for allowable foods and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. This time around I had to start the diet from day 1 since the gd came back and they now call it pre-diabetes. I also have to take insulin shots which are painless so don't be afraid if you end up having to do that. Just remember it's about the baby now. I do however think that a $1,225 cla__s is probably unnecessary. I would double check with your doctor. Hope this helps.


HeavenisMine - June 25

I had GD with my daughter (Hopefully not this one too!) That cla__s would probably be helpful, but it's all subjective too to each lady. I believe you can find many helpful books and info online. I just ate things in smaller portions with mine and stayed away from super sugary items like desserts and soda, and of course juice. It's not too tough to get down once you got it. Just limit your carbs and sugar to an extreme degree, and then see what else you can find online. Does your doc want you to use a meter or take insulin? I am sure they can help you too.


Tracy88 - June 26

I had gestational diabetes with my daughter. I went to a nutritionist/dietician who was way cheaper than that cla__s you are referring to. Basically I ate a lot of protein.....chicken, eggs, almonds, veggie sausage, turkey bacon, vegetables, salads, low glycemic fruits, etc....and when I really craved junk, I'd eat sugar free jello or have a diet sprite. If I ate carbs I always combined it with a protein, so for example, I would eat fruit and almonds as a snack, or chicken with loads of veggies. I didn't want to do insulin because I was borderline and felt diet alone could help, so I tried to stay pretty strict. Oh, and to subst_tute milk I used 8th Continent soy milk and now you can get Glucerna cereals and bars, etc... Good luck.



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