Help On Baby S Growth

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June - June 18

Hi..I'm in my 23rd wk. My u/s today showed that length of my baby's legs is only abt that of 21wk 3 day. Is there a risk of down syndrome? Can anyone share their experiences..I was so depressed i burst into tears when the doc that it was possible..i passed triple test though.


Misty - June 18

I'm so sorry June. I don't really know what to say. I know that the general growth of a fetus is just that...general. And that there can be differences in the actual growth. It wouldn't seem to me that the difference is that big as to be a concern. But I'm not a doctor. If anything I would take a lot of faith in the fact that your tests looked good when they came back. Do they have anything else scheduled for you to be able to learn more?


June - June 18

Thanks Misty for your consolation...I'm now scheduled for a detailed scan. I cant help feeling depressed knowing something cld be wrong with my baby. :*(


Misty - June 18

I know, it was hell just waiting for the results to come back from the triple screen. Then when they told you everything was o.k. I'm sure you felt the same relief that I did. And now you are hearing this. So it has to be hard on you. I'll say a prayer for you, if prayers do help then maybe this will. Just try to remember though, if it does come back that your baby has down's, the medical field has made a lot of advancements in this area and down's children do still grow up to lead pretty much normal lives. They get jobs and live on their own and pay taxes and everything. I know that nothing will compare to having what would be a "normal" baby. But you will still find joy in this one even if it does turn out to have down's. I wish you luck though.


lilmum - June 18

i'm not sure if this makes you feel any better, but.. When i had my first ultrasound with my first child at 17 weeks, they told me everything measured right except his legs, which were measuring closer to 19 and half weeks.. very very long. I had him and he was normal. His legs weren't any longer, or shorter, than average and it hadn't seemed to have made any difference. He is completely healthy. I have noticed though, that when he has a growth spurt now, his legs get longer only, and his body takes the time in between to catch up. I only notice this because of the way his clothes fit. Pants that fit last week, won't this week but the shirts will for atleast another three weeks. So basically what i'm saying is.. maybe his body had a growth spurt, and his legs haven't caught up yet. I would ask your doctor to do another scan in two weeks to see if the ratio of torso to leg is any different.


Jbear - June 18

I'm not sure how accurate ultrasounds really are. My daughter always measured large on ultrasounds. My labor was induced at 36 weeks because they said she already weighed 9.5 lbs...she weighed 6 lbs 4 oz, so the ultrasound was way off. I've read that ultrasounds in the first trimester are accurate for measuring how far along the pregnancy is, but that after that ultrasound becomes less accurate. I've never heard anything about down syndrome and shorter legs, either. I'm sure everything will be fine, and it must be terrible having to spend the weekend worrying about it.


June - June 18

Thanks ladies for sharing..i guess i'd just have to wait for my next detailed scan...i hope all will be fine. :)


melissa - June 20

I am 14wks tomorrow and had an ultrasound to check for down syndrome and any spinal defects last friday. I was told that they identify down sydrome by the amount of fluid and measurements around the babys neck. I am in Australia, so it may be tested differently. I hope everything is ok and wish you and your baby the best of health.


June - June 20

Thanks Melissa, I'll be going for a detailed scan today. I hope all goes well, although i really dunno what i'm going to do if it doesnt. :*(



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