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preggosauce - May 5

Hey all!! My husband and I are trying to think of some unique yet not weird names....We dont know if we are having a boy or girl yet (we find out May 22nd) but we are pretty sure we want the name to either start with an "A" or a "J"....A because it would go with our last name (Abitz) or J because both of our names start with "J". Do any of you have ideas for unique A or J names for girl or boy?! Thanks so much for your help!!!!


Olivene - May 5

Okay- Girls: Jana, Justine, Joelle, Janelle, Jeanette, Jacinta, Josie, Jeanine, Jennica/Jennikah. Adele, Adelaide, Abra, Anita, Allegra, Aundreya, Alessandra, Aubrey, Adair, Amara, Amethyst, Ailene, Annette, Anya, Astrid. Boys: Jeremiah, Jude, Jasper, Jarvis, Jergen, Jenson, Jett, Jed, Jericho, Jamison, Jules. Abbott (maybe not with your last name), Archer, Aston, Addler, Arik, Alistair, Andre, Ames, Amos, Amory, Arlen, Axel. Sorry. I got on a role there. We've been talking about names all day so I guess I'm fired up. Good luck naming your baby. Let us know what you choose.


new mommy - May 5

Annika for a girl, Jamin for a boy


SuzieQ - May 5

Jasper, Jennifer, Jacob, Joseph, Jolene, Jeremy, Jerome, Joel, .... I'm out.....


Erynn21 - May 5

Girls: Jenna, Jolene(my middle name so I'm partial)Jaden and I know a Johnnie fro a girl I think it's really cute. Ashlyn, Angeline, Autumn(I really liked this one for our baby my hubby vetoed it), Audrey. Boys: James, Jackson, Joesph, Jonathan, Jaiden(i know it's on the girl too), Joshua. Anthony, Adam, Ashton. That's all I have right now.


preggosauce - May 5

Wow!!! Thanks gals!! There are some good ideas on those lists! I wrote some down and will read them off to my husband when he calls to see what he thinks! (He's away on a short deployment). Can't wait till he calls!! Thanks again!!


mandee25 - May 6

Alyssa, Aiden, Ally, Austin....


Deirdra - May 6

what about Alastair for a boy...i lvoe the name Aidan Alastair, but my husband, dont like ti...


Angelaw. - May 6

Ok, forgive me if I repeat some of the names already mentioned. GIRLS: Ainsley, Aliya, Ada, Addison, Alina, Alana, Alanis, ALAINA (Our girl name if/when we have one), Alice, Ameilia, Anita, April, Arden, --- JOCELYN (our other girl pick), Jade, Janelle, Jillian, Joanna, Joyce, Juliana, June....BOYS: Abel, Ackerley, Aiken, Aimon, Ainsley, Avery, Alan, Alec, Alton, Ansel, Archer, Aric, Arliss, Ash,------ Jace, Jaxon ( I love the nn Jax), Jullian, Jude (I know someone else mentioned it, but I really like it!), Janson, Jefferson, Joel, Jonah/Jonas, Julius. Ok, that's all I can think of hopefully all of our responses will lead you in the right direction! Good Luck!


numom2b - May 7

I'm a sucker for Irish names anyway, but I've always loved the name Aidan. I wish I could suggest a good name book, but everyone I've seen seems to be the result of a weird game of scrabble! Good luck!!


preggosauce - May 7

Ok, so here's my dilema....I LOVE the name Addison for a girl. However, my good friend from highschool (who lives very far away from me) Is naming her baby that to close? I don't want to make her mad...I've also always loved the name Aidan, but its becomming sooo popular right now so I'm not so sure about it anymore. My name is Jamie, and there were SOOO many Jamie's when I was growing up. There were at least 2 other Jamies in almost all of my highschool cla__ses. It wasn't fun. I just don't want my kid growing up surrounded by other kids with the same name...Any thoughts? Thanks for all your help ladies!!


Angelaw. - May 7

I just wanted to mention that my 5yo ds's name is Aidan, so I obviously love it, but it is really popular, he thinks his name is Aidan W. at school! Oh Well-, go with what you love! BTW, I don't think that Addison and Madison are too close especially if you guys live far away and it is a friend and not someone in your family. I have a close friend who just had a baby and named him Jayden- admittedly b/c she liked Aidan's name so much, and I'm ok with it!


Ddvinson3 - May 8

Addison is gorgeous for a girl!!!! Why didn't I think of that one? And no it's not to close to Maddison!



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