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Worried - February 14

I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have had Herpes for over 10 years. I've had the same partner (my husband) for seven years now so I haven't worried much about the disease in recent years, until now. Now I'm getting increasingly worried about how this will affect my pregnancy and my baby. I have an outbreak once every six months or so, but more when I'm stressed, sick, etc. Is anyone else out there worried about Herpes affecting their pregnancy, baby, or labor? What do you know about it? Thanks for any comments.


ren - February 14

I say talk to your doc, he can help relieve your fears, plus he has to know of this condition if he soesn't already to help protect your baby. good luck


A - February 14

Tell your dr and she should put you on supressive therapy for the last few weeks of your pregnancy to prevent an outbreak. If you end up having one anyway, they'll have to preform a c-section.


newmom24 - February 14

Hi Worried- I too have herpes. I am 27 weeks almost 28, and have fought 2 outbreaks already. I had no sores, but I had the symptons. The worse thing to do is to stress about it. Herpes does not affect the baby while in the womb. I spoke with my doc and she has told me that the only way it will if you have a v____al delivery while there is an outbreak. The thing to do is to keep your immune system up, and keep yourself very healthy. Go about your pregnancy normally and I am sure you will be fine. Another note: near the end of your pregnancy your doc may recommend to have protected s_x just in case your partner has an infection. Just to be on the safe side. Congrats on your little one coming.


Worried - February 14

Thanks so much for your comments. Newmom24, it's very soothing to know other women are going through this! I've been feeling awful for a couple of days and feel an outbreak coming on--it makes me feel so alone because I can't talk to anyone about it. I feel weak, flu-like, and the whole lower half of my body aches. And on top of that, I worry about pa__sing it on. I've heard that there's a chance of pa__sing it to the baby via the placenta, though it's really rare. You're right, though: I'll try not to worry. That's obviously counterproductive! I'd love to hear from anyone else, too.


jt - February 15

I too am in the same situation, I had to have an emergency c-section with my first because of it and now am having a planned c-section. I am the same way, I feel really sick, really weak and it gets worse with stress. If I feel it coming I take as many hot baths as possible (as hot as you can stand it) and dont do anything to irriatate it. Suppressive meds are save during pregnancy though in case you have to take some....It really sucks, and I only have outbreaks while I am pregnant so I know what you mean.....WIth all the extra stress of pregnant and your hormones I guess it what triggers it...... Try your best not to stress.....


Ba8y6irl - February 15

the only advice I would give you is to have protescted s_x. I am a__suming your husband has herpes too, since you guys have only been together for 7 years and you had it for 10. Just to take the extra caution, wrap it up :) I hope everything works out for you.


gYpSyRoSe - February 17

I have had herpes for 15 years. I hardly ever see any signs of it, it is pretty much dormant. When I do get an outbreak it i just a little sore, no flu like symptoms. I had my son 7 years ago with no worries at all. I am currently 27 weeks along and my doc says at the tail end of the pregnancy she will give me some anti break out meds to lessen the risk of having a breakout during labor. I am pretty confident. Hope this helps some, Good luck!


stephanie - February 17

I am 26 weeks pregnant & I too have herpes. Last week I had an outbreak. My obgyn said not to worry it is more dangerous if you contract while pregnant but since you have had it for several yrs your body has developed some antibodies against it which you will pa__s on to your baby to protect it. He did say that he will put me on suppressive therapy at 35 weeks. Just like everyone else said they will test you when you are in labor if you are having an outbreak you will have a csection.


CanRelate - February 17

I agree with Stephanie. I contracted the disease 7 years ago but have seen no signs of it in 5 or so years. DH has not contracted it that we know of, despite all our unprotected s_x! My OB said that herpes is generally not a problem for those who've had it for awhile (even if it still surfaces), it's more problematic for those who get their first outbreak at the end of pg. Mine said he may or may not prescribe some suppressive meds towards the end, just to make sure. I'd mark this one off your "worry list." Your dr. will definitely be able to handle this situation with ease w/o any risk to your bubba.


fefer1 - March 8

My husband has herpes and we've been married for only 11 months. My dr had me tested for it and it came up positive for the antibodies. I have never had an outbreak or suspected I have it. Bummer I guess. What explanation do you give your family for a C-Section if necessary without telling the world you have herpes???



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