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Saydie - April 29

I am 21 weeks and i just found out a few days ago that my bf has herpes. I called my doc do see if at my first appointment if i was check for it the told me that the couldnt check for it unless i had i out break. I read some on it and seen that i could have a blood test done to see. I was just wondering if anybody has some advice.


jb - April 29

my girlfriend has herpes. If you don't have a break out while pregnant then they are not worried about it. If they do break out then you have to have a c-section. Aren't you curious as to where he got it from if you are just finding out now?


cab - April 30

Hi i am 8 weeks with my second child. I also have herpes. It is sometimes a pain in the a__s. Otherwise no problem. As long a you do not get your first outbreak in the first trimester your baby is going to be fine. If you have any symptoms around delivery they will do a c-section. If you have your first outbreak antivirals are great in decreasing or even preventing another one, providing you take it early. There is a small link to miscarriage. You probably already have it with no symptoms. Men tend to have less symptoms than women. Honestly he should have told you.


corious - April 30

what is a first outbreak like??


withheld - April 30

How c___ppy is that! Herpes has no cure. I realize you love him, but man, his respect for you sure wasn't evident if he waited until now to tell you. Men, ughh!


cab - May 1

Your first outbreak is always the most severe, then they tend to get less severe and further apart. It starts with a prodomal itching and tingling sensation at the affected are, then a few days or week later a small cut will apear. It will last a few days. Then you get what is call the first outbreak, as the other usually goes un noticed. You will get prodromal symptoms again, then within 2-3 days swelling of the labia, watery blisters, or crusted sores that last usually last one week. Warm baths are great to relieve symptoms. Hope that helps.


corious - May 1

OMG!! That sounds terrible! It must feel horrible!!


troubled - May 1

he's just telling you that he has herpes. are you sure he's had herpes the whole time? why didn't he tell you before you first had s_x with him? you can't be that naive to think he's has herpes the entire time. and if he did, what kind of respect does he have for you that he didn't tell you before you first had s_x.


CAB - May 1

for most people it is very painful. For me i got lucky, it is just a pain in the a__s.


none - May 2

I have it and the first two outbreaks were very annoying and painful and came two months apart. I've had them for 4 years and never even think about them as I rarely EVER have reoccurances and if I do, they're so mild I don't even notice and usually only come on when super stressed. I have been ever since I got pregnant and still haven't had them come back. My doc said my last month they put you on meds so you don't break out near labor time so you can have a normal delivery. My doc said it's more dangerous when you have your first outbreak for the first time while pregnant, but if you've already had them, it's not as bad. Tell your doc right away. My symptoms are burning sensations in my thigh area, tingling, headaches, etc. But the longer you have it the milder it seems to get. I think I have a very weak strain as it only comes about once a year and isn't annoying as a yeast infection!!!! So try not to stress. Usually they can't test until you break out. I did about a month after I knowingly contracted it. Sometimes it takes longer.


private - May 2

I thought I would die with the initial outbreak. I was out of commission and in great pain for about a week. Horrible! Now, it is just one little "cut" looking sore once a year or so, with tingling before.



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