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Joelle - July 15

Hey whats up? Im 16 weeks and 3 days today!!! and very excited the doctor is gonna try next week on Wednesday to find out what it is I'm so excited... HeHe i alredy have my names picked out for a boy its gonna be Riley and a girl problay Shyla or Bella not sure yet. My due date is Dec 27th:)so how is everyone esle and how far along are you? and what are the names you have picked out?


Joelle - July 15



marie7 - July 15

Hi, I am due on 1/3...think it will be a few days earlier but we will see ;) My husband and I have waited on names, will probably start thinking about it in August, just didn't want to get ahead of ourselves since I have had 2 m/c's previous to this little one! We are going to wait and be surprised like we were with our son. I think Bella is very cute :)


tndrlvn - July 15

Hi Joelle, I am 20 weeks 3 days, due date is December 1. Wait till you see your little one in the U/S I loved it, i cried to see that little one KICKIN THE s*%t out of my bladder ........lmao....to funny. anyhow hubby and I don't want to know what we are having, we want it to be a surprise. However we do have names picked out for girl or boy. If Boy: Chase David for a Girl: Kaydance Jean Marie.. I love the name Bella, i love the name Riley, I hope you don't take this wrong but my nieces name is Rylee, but it is good name for either boy or girl.....Is this your first child?


Joelle - July 15

Yeah aww congrats to you girls on your pregnancy:) Yeah i know the name Riley can be for a boy or a girl i dont care lmao i love that name i think its sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute lol. Yeah alot of people like Bella mostly my boyfriend he loves it but i love shyla so were just wait and see what it looks like but if its a boy its going with Riley lol.. and i like the way your sister spelt Riley thats cute.And yeah this is my first child im so excited and have dreams every night of a little boy so were just see on Wednesday cuz thats when i find out what im having.


mandie - July 16

I am 22 weeks today, and my ultrasound tech was about 99% sure it is a boy. His name is Noah Jacob. I'm due Nov.18th.


tndrlvn - July 16

i like the name to........our Rylee is a little diva, her email addy is even littledivagirl.....hahaha......are you hoping for a boy or girl?


alley24 - July 16

I am due on the 9th of december and we are havin a boy, we are going to name him benjamin Clayton, or Benjamin Thomas, we are having issues about the middle name. It was from Clayton(husband name)Thomas,scott or nicolas, I can not figure it out we amy have to put paper in a hat and draw it out.


venus_in_scorpio - July 17

im due november 20, and my baby crossed its legs at the last ultrasound so we still dont know. i am having a level 2 done on July 31. :o)


dyh316 - July 17

Hey ladies..due on 1/6..next week should find out what i'm havin! Hopin for a boy but am blessed with either. My girl name is Jahzara Danae or Delilah Jewell. Boy name is either Devaunte, Donato or Elijah. Haven't figurd out middle names for either yet.



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