Hey Make Room Here Comes The June Mommies 09

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Kourtney#5 - November 22

Hey ladies sorry, I've been missing in action again but the 1st Trimester has been awful to me. I want to wait til everyone gets here so I can explain, cause I am so through with the 1st tri. Any way welcome and glad to see we all made it. Korey


TahliasMama - November 23

hey korey =) i only posted once in the first trimester board on the june thread.. it sorta died down.. a lot! lol.. guess we have raging hormones, excessive fatigue and morning (afternoon and evening) sickness to thank for that! anyway, i'm totally ready for the second trimester board.. we have our 12 week scan tomorrow.. very excited!


Kourtney#5 - November 23

Well welcome to the 2nd tri board I hope u have a wonderful scan tomorrow. And lets hope for a better 2nd tri. ;o)


sadiejai - November 24

Oh thank god....other June mommies. I was seriously gonna stop writing on this site cause no one was ever on the first trimester site :( How is everyone feeling? I still have awful morning sickness although its not ever in the morning. Im on a prescription called Diclectin. Just started it tonight so hopefully it works.


starlight_94 - November 24

I was wondering where everyone was. This site was way more helpful 2 years ago when I was pg with ds. Seems like now one is ever on here now!


Kourtney#5 - November 24

Hey, ladies I hope everyone feels better this trimester. Well my reason for being gone on the first tri is because after I was told I was having twins I went in three weeks later for another U/S and we found one of my babies (twin A) had no heartbeat. Twin B is just fine and doing well. So I was dealing with the lost of my baby and still trying to be happy for the other one. But I'm doing fine now, and moving on I guess GOD knew twins, a 11 yr, 8 yr, 4 yr and 14mo old (my kids ages when this baby will be born) would be too much for me, so I couldn't wait to get the first tri over, and I'm happy to be here in the 2nd. I promise I will do better with posting.***Korey***


TahliasMama - November 24

hey ladies =) sorry for your loss korey. saying a little prayer for twin a. hope you start feeling better sadie. let us know how the diclectin goes. i know what you mean starlight, when i had my last dd (who is now 1) i was on here everyday and still keep in touch with a few people i met on here. now to me, we had our twelve week scan yesterday. it was awesome to see that little peanut kicking and bouncing around! all looked good. go see my ob on monday for all my test results. got some little pics now to go in my collection!


starlight_94 - November 25

Korey, I am so sorry to hear about that. I was wondering about what was going on since you hadnt written in a while. I can only imagine what you must have been feeling. As for me, I saw my little jumping bean last Thursday. The baby was very active and eveything looked great. Saw a heartbeat and arm/legs...and this one is measuring ahead...which I know doesnt matter now, but my first ds was big, and 2 weeks early so its something we will be keeping an eye on. My next appt is Dec 18th... I still have to get my bloodwork done this week. I am 11weeks now so not quite 2 tri- but close enough. We told our families, and everyone is extreamly excited! My MIL was upset that we kept it a secret for so long...and says she's 3 months behind on buying stuff now...lol! My SIL who is 5 months pg was upset.... but I kept it long enough to let her be the center of attention. She just said "you're having ANOTHER one" I just let it roll off my shoulders b/c she has issues getting along with ppl! LOL, whatever! As for symptoms still got heartburn and m/s at night...only a couple weeks left of that I hope! Well thats it for now my ds wants some JUICE(as he screams at the top of his lungs)


sadiejai - November 25

Hey girls! Well im glad i wasnt the only one feeling like I was gettin nothing from the first trimester site. Glad to see some of you are here tho :) Kourtney...im so sorry to hear bout ur loss but glad to hear baby a is doing well :) The diclectin seems to be helping so far but the true test will be tonight. Thats when I get it the worst. Lastnight was no exception....ill keep u all updated on how well it works. It is very expensive so hopefully it does the trick soon. Talk to you girl later. Hope everyone is well. :)


Seredetia - November 25

Good morning everyone. I haven't been writing much because there's nothing to report, really. :) I get sick off and on, usually around 1-3pm, but no vomiting. My daughter's been keeping me pretty busy. Sorry about your loss, Korey -- everything happens for a reason, though. Maybe you're right that God knew you couldn't take care of two more at the moment; even though that doesn't make it any easier. I pray the other twin will be okay!


overtaken - November 25

Hello! so sorry for your loss Korey. Hope your 2nd tri goes MUCH better! Hey, I'll be 13 weeks on thursday.. am I in the 2nd trimester now? 'what to expect' doesn't think so... but i will be in my 4th month.. WOW that sounds a bit scary to me to say! Anyway, waiting everyday for the symptoms to abate, to bounce back hopefully! No sign of the end of the tunnel yet, BUT i heard my babies speedy little heart on monday at my 12 week appointment! That was so special, it made this all so much real.. all I technically had to go on was a BFP and the feeling awful. and I can feel my tummy hardening a bit, a little belly that doesn't go away even in the AM now. Jamie let us know how the diclectin works, my midwife said she could prescribe it but I havent' been all that bad, it's more the gag reflex and smells. not a constant 'green' feeling so i said no. I am getting a new preg vitamin though!!! it seperates the iron and calcium, is just two tiny pills and they are sugar coated! I've been cutting my nasty horse pill into 4 peices and taking them is the worst part of my day. I am so releived to find there is something else for me to take! next appt'mt not till after Christmas, now I'm looking at my belly everyday to see if it grows :) Have a great day


sadiejai - November 26

Well girls, Its been 24 hours since ive thrown up or even gagged. IM SO HAPPY!!!! Its been weeks since I have been able to say that. As well, I think my smell sensitivity has not been so bad. Not positive bout that but withought the gagging and throwing up it doesnt seem too bad. I would definatly recommend it Overtaken...wish I had of done it a month ago. Ive been feeling very tired lately but ill take that anyday over being sick. How is everyone else? Hope all is well :)


Kourtney#5 - November 26

Whoo hooo for not throwing up, hope it continues till the end. I'm doing good happy the holidays are here. And thank you all for being so supporting durning this time. Has anyone started cooking their ThanksGiving Dinner, or desserts? And has everyone started or finished Christmas Shopping.


starlight_94 - November 26

Ahh Xmas shopping. I have gotten half of it done. And anyone who doesnt give me a list is getting a gift card! Im not wandering around stores trying to find something as irritated as I get these days. LOL! I think I started to show overnight. It could just be that I am bloated, but I've def. got a belly today. Itsweird how that happens. Sadie- glad thats helping. It must be such a relief. I dont suffer for nausea as much as just horrible heartburn! I am gonna take Zantac if it doest go away soon. Well have to figure out what my ds wants from me! Happy holidays to you all....and enjoy the yummy food!! I cant wait! We are celebrating on Sat!


Veganmom2be - November 28

Hi everyone: I haven't posted in awhile, but things seem to be going well. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I am now expecting twins. According to the ultrasounds, they both seem to be measuring right on target. The news was a complete shock...no twins in my family so I guess I am the first!


miamia - December 1

i had to drag this post from the 1st tri board. Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. I know i did. my family drove from nc to atl to visit my family and i ate ate ate. it's funny cause i was on this strick diet before i found out i was preggo and i wouldn't eat sweets, fried food, or fast food and now that im preggo i crave all that stuff. i def. eat fast food now cause i don't know about you but im always hungry and when im out i get a serious craving for the weirdest foods so i find myself stopping. lol . i try to get my fruits and veggies in too even if its fruits out of a can or the lettuce and tomatoes on a taco.haha. overtaken i know what you mean when you say you can feel your uterus cause i just told my girlfriend to same thing, it's wonderful isn't it? we are just about ready to go to our 2nd tri, I'm still in shock being that i just found out about 2 weeks ago!!! My next apt is dec 8. i believe that will be my 1st ultra. im officially wearing maturnity clothes yay!! well have a safe and fun week. Korey youre right, god knows what he's doing. keep in good spirits okay? sadie i hope the throwing up has completely gone away. i absolutely hate that feeling. congrat's on your twins veganmom2be


Seredetia - December 1

Hey guys, thought I'd pop in! I'm not feeling as sick as I was, but I think I have an ear infection. :( I was soooo dizzy today at work that I almost fell on the floor and had to sit down. I have my first appointment on Friday the 5th -- yeah, I know, it's a little "late" for the first appointment, lol. I may get an ultrasound to check on the babes, but I'm not sure. I just hope that, with all the "luck" on this thread, it's one and not TWO babies. LOL. I'm sending any hope of twins to those that want them (i.e. NOT ME!!). I started swelling up today like I did with my last pregnancy, ugh...I hope it's a pa__sing thing. I gained 60lbs last pregnancy; 30 of which I lost in 3 days or so (water weight). I don't want that again!!! I LIKE MY SHOES. lol.



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