Hi Anyone Ever Had A Undetected Pregnancy College Project

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Cathy - May 20

Hi, I need some info. Do you know anyone or yourself who didn't find out they were pregnant until later.Did a doctor tell you "not pregnant" and find out later you was?How was your weight? Did you have periods? How are you doing now? What did it take to get a comfirmed pregnancy.I am doing a research project for college. I want to use this for a paper. Please tell me your story. Thanks!!


Cathy - May 22

hi everyone! I just want to let you know. I'm pregnant and just need a little help with this essay. Thanks again


b - May 22

bump this sounds interesting


April - May 22

I having periods while pregnant. I was told by my doctor, I wasn't pregnant. My periods is about 3 days long and then I would spot a few days later. My normal periods is 7 days and heavy with cramps. It took a ultrasound to find out I am pregnant. I hope this helps


Babe - May 22

Hi Cathy, well I got pregnant while on the Depo-Provera shot, I have taken numerous hpt's some were neg. but my last three were faint positives, the places I have gone to, do there urine tests and come out neg, so they tell me I'm not but i know that I am, i have gained 9 lbs and have all the signs and symptoms including the pooch, I also bought one of those fetal monitors and can hear a heartbeat but no one has confirmed me as of yet, they won't do an ultrasound because their dumb tests come out neg. Its frustrating, I'm almost 6 months. A friend of mine told me to wait til I'm 7 months and go see someone at that point, someone has to notice by then. Congrats, on your pregnancy. Hope this helps.


sweetie - May 22

Hi Cathy, I have a sister who also got pregnant on the Depo-Provera sHot. She had regular/normal periods until 5 months along. Every Pregnancy test said negative. Finally her 5th month while getting blood work for surgery, her pregnancy blood test came out postive. She was shocked. She now has a healthy 5 year old. Good luck



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