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Jen - December 19

HI, does anyone have high blood pressure before the pregnancy? i have high blood pressure before pregnancy, and it's well control, now i am pregnant 14 weeks, and doctor told me that my blood pressure will tend to go down in the 1st and 2nd trimester, which is true on the first trimest, but now these days my pressure is going up, around 140/87, i want to know does anyone taking medicine and still have a healthy baby/.


Kiddolebel - December 19

Hi Jen, Im in the same boat as you cept mine hasnt gone back up quite yet. My dr took me off my meds when she saw my blood pressure lowered in the beginning. But they do have lots of different medications for high blood pressure that are safe for pregnancy. The one I was on I know is safe. Hope you find out what your looking for. Good luck!


Kiddolebel - December 19

Also, thanks for posting this thread, Im curious to know the answer to your question too. =)


Jen - December 19

Hi Kiddolebel, me too, my doctor took me off on the medicine, before the pregnancy i was taking Labetalol 50mg 2x a day. i am just so worry that my pressure is keep going up, this morning, i just faxed my record over to my doctor, but she won't be in until Wednesday, so i will call her again, see what i should do. hope everything will be fine :) Good luck to you, btw, how many weeks are you?


Chaney - December 19

Hi Ladies, I had high blood pressure prior to pg. At first I was taking Norvasc. Once I saw my dr. and confirmed I was pregnant they switched me to Aderol, which is safe for pregnancy. They have no plans to take me off the meds even though at my last appointment my bp was 110/56. I am glad I am on the meds, because it is one last thing I have to worry about. Thanks for creating this post because I am sure there are more of us out there.


Kiddolebel - December 19

Hi, im 17 weeks today. I was taking hydrochlorothiazide, the lower dose..i think 25mg. Let me know what the dr says. Try cutting out any extra salts and drink LOTS of water. That helps. Keep us posted! Take care


Jbear - December 19

I had high blood pressure during both of my pregnancies (but not before). I was on Aldomet to control it. My babies are both healthy, although they were both born a little early because of my blood pressure.


Diane - December 20

Jen, I have high normal bp when not preg...my doc monitors it every 6 months, but during my first trimester it was lower (128/72)...last week I went and it was 140/84! I go again tomorrow for another bp check to see if it went down at all or not....I'm getting nervous about it b/c I had high bp with my first pregnancy and was on bedrest b/c of it...good luck to you


Jen - December 20

Diane, we have the same situation, my pressure was up since Sunday, this morning i check myself again it's 140/90, so i am going to call my doctor tomorrow, she won't be in til tomorrow, so hopefully she will do something to it. i am very worry and nervous about it too. Good Luck to you too :)



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