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CATS - May 11

Hi there! I am about 24 weeks and I went to see my doctor today. She told me that my blood pressure has been a bit high for the last few visits and wants me to give a urine sample to test if my blood pressure is something to really be concerned about. This is a surprise for me since I never would have thought this would be an issue for me. She said that high blood pressure may cause damage to my liver or kidneys. Anyone in the same situation? I don't know if this is something I should really worry about. Thanks!


shortcake - May 11

Yes do take it seriously! Your blood pressure being high this early on is a little concerning. I had pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy and it started to come on at 30 weeks. It got so severe that I had to have an emergency c-section at 33 weeks. Delivery of the baby is the only way to make your blood pressure go down. They may tell you to go on bed rest since your so early on right now. Your doctor wants to check your urine for protein and if you'r spilling any then I believe that means something is going wrong in your kidneys and baby isnt getting what it needs from you. If you can afford it, I suggest getting a blood pressure cuff or going to your pharmacy daily if you can and testing your blood pressure. Any reading you get over 140/90 should be reported to your doctor...Anything over 150/110 is dangerous and you may be admitted for that. Definitely take this seriously tho! You're blood pressure if it gets too high usually over 150/110 people have been known to have seizures or a stroke! So definitely take your doctors orders seriously. I hope it gets better for you. It's a scary thing to go thru during pregnancy.


Carla - May 11

Hi cats, My blood pressure has been on the high side since day 1 of my pregnancy. I am 24 weeks now. Every visit it is the same reading 150/70. They havent taken any cautionary measures with me yet but they do check my urine at every visit. ( they do that for everyone) It is something to worry about but worrying about it wont help either. Just drink lots of fluids and have faith in your dr's. This is not an uncommin thing and they should know what to do. Good luck


jnine29 - May 11

hello cat my blood pressure is 150/95 and the dr's are keeping a close eye on it coz i'am only 15 weeks with twins


3babies - May 11

Hi Cats, this is my third pregnancy with high bp. It always kicks in during the second trimester. My first was born at 35 weeks, the next at 38 weeks, both healthy. One good thing the doctors are probably aware of with you, is that it is only your top number that is high. This number is the one most affected by stress/anxiety etc. Do they retest your pressure after you have been sitting quietly for a while? Try not to worry too much, as it will only make it worse, but do take it seriously, and do what they ask of you. I had to give up work and do bedrest, but it is all worth it to have a healthy baby. Not to scare you, but if it is severe it is lifethreatening to mum and baby. Thats why your doctors are keeping a close eye on it. Sounds like you are in good hands. Good luck!



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