High Protien

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mandy~ - March 21

im 21wks preg. and iv had a bit of high blood presure since i was 8wks doctors are keeping a eye on it. i got a call from the hospital saying they found high protien levels in my urine, wich i could just have a infection that could be treated OR it could be something more serious, and could be something to do with kidneys, preclamcia (not sure how to spell it) also came up in the conversation with my doctor. what is preclamcia? im just wondering is anyone has had or heard of anything simular to this situation? thanx


erica - March 22

Hello Mandy! My friend had pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure ( which is one of the signs, as well as protein in urine)...I also think another sign is swelling of hands, face and/or feet....do you have any of that? If so, she carried full term and was just fine. They did induce her 2 weeks early but again, the baby and her were just fine.....I think they will just continue to monitor you and give you a special "diet" to follow ( fresh fruits, low preservatives, etc).... Let us know how you are doing.... I hope this info helps some....


mandy~ - March 22

thanx for the info, ill be going in to find out what it is for sure tomorrow i have noticed swollen feet and my rings dont seem to fit me anymore on my hands, its good news to hear they can monitor and look after it, if i do have preeclampsia. ill keep you posted! thanx erica


Phoebe - March 22

Mandy, make sure you needle your doctor, get bedrest and everything to avoid preeclampsia... I had it and didn't even know... My baby stopped growing... I was throwing up all the time, and whenever I went to the L&D they would be like... you're fine... until it was too late... my blood levels dropped to critical low, and I had to get ma__sive transfusions and take 3 iron pills a day after it was all over... I am not saying that this will happen, but it's mostly you who can take care of this, unless you have a great doctor. I was so angry I said I would never let that hospital or any doctor in their L&D department take care of me ever again.


Ashlee Verble - November 6

My sister is due on the 17th this month and they said they think she has preclamsia i'm scared!! she has to pee in a bottle for 24hrs...



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