High Risk For Down Syndrome

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Lisa - January 19

I was told today that one of my hormones tested were not normal and therfore am high risk to give birth to a child with down syndrome. I am having an ultra-sound tomorrow and would love to hear from anyone that has been in this situation.


BBK - January 19

Lisa we recently went through counseling on this and hormone tests have a high false positive rate (up to 30%). The only certain test for down syndrome is the amnio-centesis. My wife is having it done on the 31st.


amber - February 1

i went to the docter and i got tested a week later they call back and say i am 99 % positive my baby will have down syndrom i freaked ..a couple of weeks later i went back and made them retest i knew it couldnt be and i waited and waited and finally my next dr.visit they said it was very wrong that the baby is fine i was so relieved those test are not right 98% of the time


Michelle - February 1

Are there any cases of false Negatives?


April - April 29

I just got my results back. I never thought about testing abnormal since i am only 29, but it came back as postive for Down syndrome on my maternal serum screen. According to my results I have a 1 in 67 chance of having a baby with Down's which puts me in the high risk category. I am going to be having and ultrasound and amnio done. Has anyone else been high risk but had a normal baby despite of the tests? In any case, good luck to everyone.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - April 30

April~ As you've probably read, there is a high incidence of false positives. We had another poster (she goes by "Lovely" and posted on the General Pregnancy Questions forum) got a positive a couple of weeks ago, but a follow up ultrasound found it to be a false positive. Hopefully your ultrasound will be able to do the same. The amnio is the most reliable test, but comes with the risk of a miscarriage. My doctor advises his patients to decide what they would do if they found out they were having a child with birth defects. If you would terminate the pregnancy, then he suggests going through with the testing, if you would have the baby regardless of the results, then don't bother. I hope this helps. Take care. :o)


debbie - May 1

hi i had a high risk results 1 in 60 chance of a downs baby , so i had amnio done and every thing came back ok no problems and i found out i was having a girl im now 22 weeks pregnant , good luck


Peggy - May 9

I am 16 weeks pregnant with my third child and I had the triple screen test done at 15 weeks. I am only 23 but the test results came back saying that I have a 1 in 146 chance that the baby will have down syndrome. I have already had one level 2 ultrasound at 11 weeks and at that time everything appeared to be normal. My other two children are healthy and neither me nor my husband have a family history for this. I am scheduled for another level 2 ultrasound next week. I would like to hear from anyone who has been through this because I am worried sick.


Tammy - May 10

Peggy, I am in a similar position except I am 45. Why don't you have an amnio to put your mind at ease? I had one last week and it wasn't bad. Good Luck to you.


Mrs O - May 10

I went thru all this and decided to have the amnio. which confirmed that our little angel does have D.S. it was really tough for a day or so but I'm fine with it now and can't wait to see her. I'm so thankful that we went and had the amnio. b/c now I will deliver in a hospital that has the abilities to care for a downs' baby. Other wise if we had not known she would not have the best care available for her needs. Termination was NOT an option for us, so we did the amnio just so we would be better prepared. Good luck.


Heidi - May 10

I had the nuchal ultrasound at 12 wks and everything was normal and yesterday my doc asked if I wanted the next screening and I said no because of the high risk of false positives and at this point there is nothing we would do if it did have DS whereas with the nuchal scan, it was early in the pregnancy.


Peggy - May 10

Thank you guys so much for responding it definately makes me feel better to know that I am not alone.:) My level 2 ultrasound is scheduled for next Tuesday and my doctor said that at that time they would offer the amnio because the ultrasound would not be definitive. I think I am going to go through with the test just so that I can be prepared or hopefully put my mind at ease. Abortion is definately not an option for me especially this late. Tammy good luck with your results I had an aunt who had a baby at 40 and had abnormal results on the triple screen, the doctors were suggesting abortion but she ended up having a very healthy baby girl who is now four and one of the smartest kids I know! I will keep you guys posted if you're interested.


Neurotic Woman - July 12

My test also came back abnormal. I am 35. I do not want to have the amnio because my water broke at 17 weeks in my last pregnancy and I can't deal with the risk of miscarriage from the amnio (low as it is). My level II ultrasound should no obvious abnormalities - so I am making my self crazy but we are going to wait and let nature take its course. I am at 18 weeks.


To NW - July 13

Have you had an u/s to date your pregnancy? I just went through this scare last week. In March, I had a miscarriage. I got pregnant right away again before I had a normal period. So, when I was 15 weeks, my clinic (who I am very ticked off at) told me that I am going to go to lab to take this test. I had no idea what this tested for (the nurse just told me it was on page 300 in the book they gave me) or even that I had an option to take the test. So, I took the test. Well, they called me almost a week later and told me that my results came back abnormal. I cried and cried. They set me up for an u/s 4 days later. I had to wait ALL weekend and worry! They did the u/s and finally dated my pregnancy a week behind what we thought I was. I was SO VERY MAD at that place for putting me through this stress. They sent my results back to the lab and called me the next day to tell me that everything was normal with my new dates. Before the u/s my chances of a DS baby was 1 : 180 and now with my new dates it was 1 : 3100. 1 little week made a world of a difference. Your age does matter too, and your weight and exactly how many weeks and days you are. I'm 24. My family doctor (not my OB) told me not to have an amnio. There are too many risks with it. There's a 1 : 200 chance of having a miscarriage. Just a little info for you. I hope you get good news!


Trini - July 13

I am 20 weeks pregnant, and just received the results of my MSAFP, which stated that I am at an increased risk of carrying a baby with Down Syndrome. Although I am reading a lot of information which states that most women who screen positive for Down Syndrome end up having normal, healthy babies, I can't help but think that the low levels of AFP detected during my screening is a sign of other abnormalities with my baby? Does anyone have any insight into this question? Could low levels of AFP be a sign of anything other than Down Syndrome?


To Trini - July 13

Have you had an u/s to date your pregnancy? I would definately ask your doctor to do that. Even if you are sure on your dates. I was ABSOLUTELY positive on my dates and my u/s showed me being a week behind. When they do an u/s for dating they measure the length of the baby's legs, arms, belly, head and the computer automatically kicks out how many weeks you should be for what the lengths showed.


Trini - July 13

Thank you for your response! I have not had an u/s yet, but am scheduled for a level II u/s this weekend. I am hoping that the results will give me more insight into my AFP screen test. Did being a week behind change the results of your AFP results? Also, did you opt for any other diagnostic testing, such as an amnio? Thanks again for your response!



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