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Jamie - November 21

I am 21 weeks pregnant and frequently have hip pain on the outside of my hips (near the joint) when I am sleeping. It happens on both sides and I find myself rolling from side to side to relieve the pressure. Has anyone had anything similar and if so, is there anything I can do to alleviate the pain. I am not sleeping well because of this. It only happens at night. Thanks for any and all suggestions!!!


ML - November 24

I am 11 wks. and have pains in my hips while I'm sitting sometimes and also sometimes at night. I'm going to ask my doc about it next week.


Sabrina - November 26

Sleep with a pillow between your legs. Takes the pressure off your lower back. The pain is from too much pressure on a couple of vertebrae when you're lying down.


Sarah - December 15

I'm around 24 weeks, and have the same symptoms at night. It wakes me up frequently. I use a pillow between my legs, and have tried many pillows in many positions - no relief. BTW, my OB has never heard of hip pain during sleeping.


Christine - December 16

I have the same thing...god...everynight...I cant sleep good because of it..and most woman are complaining of getting up to go to the bathroom...I wish that was all...thats only once or twice...and it is normal...remember all the extra weight your putting on each side now...I have not figured anything to help this...but if anyone does please let me know..lol...I'm 23 weeks...which means 17 more to go..with restless nights...I dont remember this with my other two..


Lisa - December 16

This is my fourth baby and everyone of them caused Hip Pain. My first was both hips and was horrible now this one is only my left hip and my Dr. told me it is the baby sitting on a nerve, that cause the pain that somewhat burns down your leg. Nothing and I mean nothing relieves this discomfort, well one thing but it doesn't happen until around 40 weeks it is called labour and then there are some other pains to deal with during this time. Haha


elissa - December 16

yes i too have the same problem,that is until my husband got the memory foam 2 pillows and a mattres cover;use that and put the pillow between ur legs and you should have no problem due to the matress and pillow confroming to your body type!


Nikki - December 26

I also have this pain when I am sitting and begin to stand. I believe it is ligaments stretching. I am 11 weeks also.


Joel - December 28

This exact thing happens to me when I sleep too. I'm not used to sleeping on my side all the time and I'm sure that has something to do with it. The only relief I have found is to sleep with a pillow between the knees and switch sides often.


Traci - December 28

I am 18 weeks and I have developed this problem recently. The only thing I have found is that when I have a good workout I don't have the pain that night, but on my off days, I do. Maybe the solution is to keep moving and not let yourself get too stiff.


RJ - January 3

Me too! I'm 17 weeks and can't sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. I've tried special positions and pillows. Nothing seems to work....


Cathy - January 4

this is my 3rd pregnancy and my sciatic nerve bothers me and has with all 3 that is how i know i am pregnant in the begining


Fabienne - January 4

I'm 16 weeks and I too have horrible pain in the hips at night. I have to get up frequently to relieve it, turn sides, too often, put a pillow between the knees - nothing works. I only feel better when I get up. I'm going to try to exercise more often as Traci suggested but if someone finds a way to get better...please, keep up posted !


w - January 4

Yes I also have had this pain it is so horrible, my sis in law reckons that teh baby is lying on a nerve? I did tell my dr and she said it could sciatic pain and told me to have paracetemol a jaccuzzi bath and try go swimming. It's still there but not as bad, it's amazing how many women have it, I thort I had a blood clot or summit!!!!


Reb - January 4

Today, Storknet has your answer. The front page of www.storknet.com links to an article describing a variety of symptoms not described in most pregnancy books. Behold, the last one on the list is hip pain, particularly at night. Good luck ladies.


A - January 4

Be careful about trying the pillow between your legs. I discovered that sleeping that way actually made my hips hurt worse in the morning.


Hillary - January 5

There are two general causes of hip pain: sciatica and loosening/shifting of ligaments. If the pain is accompanied by a tingling or burning that radiates from the hips, you probably have sciatica. If it only occurs while you are sleeping at night and doesn't radiate, it is probably a combination of the changing ligaments and increasing weight. I invested in some very good body pillows, which help quite a bit with this pain. Warm soaks before bed also help. But I haven't found anything to completely alleviate it. Good luck! P.S. If your OB has never heard of this, get a new one!



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