His First Proper Kick

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Cathy - November 1

I'm 19 weeks today and I just felt the baby kick for the first time. I have felt him moving around in there for a while,but this is the first time he actually kicked. I put my hand on my stomach and could actually feel it there. I am at work,but can't wait to go home so dh can feel it too. Just wanted to share my happy news with you all. Like I said I am 19 weeks today. But I have been having complications throughout the whole pg. I have just gotten off of bed rest for bleeding. While I am still bleeding now, it is wonderful to know that he is still there. We found out the s_x last week. Bless you all


Jessica - November 1

Cathy congratulations on the kick!!!! I am 19 weeks today also due March 28, same as you!! I feel so bad for you having these complications. Do they know why you are bleeding? At least your baby is moving around and kicking you!! It shows you that he is okay!! You will be just fine but I will say a little prayer for you. I have felt movement but not a distinct kick yet. I cant wait. Mine is a boy also. Have you thought of names for him? Talk to you later and take care.


Samantha - November 1

Hey. My due date is March 28 also. I felt the first definite kick last night...while eating junk food at a Halloween festival! Lol. Maybe it was all those brownies :)


Tess - November 1

Cathy, Congrats!!! Im looking forward to feel our baby's movements too. I had some bleeding last sunday 10/30 and Im 11w2d that time...I got really scared and nervous coz I thought I had m/s THANK GOD I DIDNT!! Went to my u/s yesterday 10/31 and saw my baby is doing fine. he/she doing lots of movements in there. Im very happy. They saw a clot outside my uterus and my OB said it usually at the very end of the placenta and it will go away within 2 wks. Is that the same thing that happened to you? Right now Im not bleeding anymore........whew! God Bless


Shawna E. - November 1

Congratulations on feeling that first firm kick! We have the same due date... I just turned 19 weeks today as well and am due March 28! I felt flutters and such a couple of weeks ago, but the baby's movements are getting much more definite for me now, too... just in the last few days. I can pinpoint where they come from and how many times, so I suppose these are actual "kicks" that I have been feeling as well. It is pretty amazing! But I haven't been able to feel the baby's kicks from the outside yet... although I do try I just can't seem to get my hand there fast enough before they stop! I feel the movements mostly when laying down on my stomach or leaning forward while sitting... and they are decidedly more frequent just after eating or drinking. It is very rea__suring to have this sign in between doctor's visits.



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